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Faisal Khan has been dominating headlines for the past few days after rejecting an offer to appear in the latest season of Big Boss. I was looking for ETimes Speaking to the actor, I understood why he chose not to participate in high-profile, high-paying shows. Furthermore, Faisal also explains everything he feels is wrong in the film industry and how he feels power is mostly corrupt. He also gives an update on his siblings Aamir KhanThe failure of Lal Singh Chadda and the current situation with his brother. excerpt….

Bigg Boss was the ideal platform to connect directly with our audience. What made you miss the next season?

In Bigg Boss, everyone competes, fights, debates, and is given tasks. They are mentally playing with you. I didn’t want to be trapped in that zone. They will give you some money, but by the grace of Allah I don’t need much money. Who likes being caged? Everyone likes to live free. It’s fun, isn’t it?

Don’t want to deal with mental pressure?
Qaid hone mein mazaa nahin hai (It’s no fun being caged). I was once caged in Aamir’s house. I’m not going to go to the cage again. I want to flow freely like water.

salman khan I would have been your aide in Bigg Boss. Did he know you and could he care for you?

I’m not a baby anymore I need someone to take care of me. Anyway, whoever attended Big Boss, where did their careers go? Nothing deserves your freedom. I don’t want to do it just for the money. I make money from other sources.

I was offered several projects, but I turned them down because the price didn’t suit me. By the grace of God, I am in a position to refuse a project if I am not interested in it or if the amount offered is not worth it. And how much money can you make? where are you going to take that money? Money is important, but it’s not the only reason I choose to work. looking from every angle. For example, in Bigg Boss, freedom is not worth it if you have to trade it for money. Freedom is greater than money.

Actors are slammed for their price. Actors are demanding huge amounts of money, which increases the cost of the project. what do you think about this?

As far as I’m concerned, I don’t charge tens of millions. And nobody pays me. For other actors, if their price is above the project budget, it’s not worth it. Secondly, the images of all the actors were smashed. Unki pol khul gayi hai. Galat kaam Mein aa gaye hain in the limelight (The cat came out of the bag. Misdeeds are highlighted immediately). First we need to fix the image and lower the price as well.

Aamir Khan was criticized for comments he made years ago when Laal Singh Chaddha was released. Do you think he was right to apologize?

Yes, you are right to apologize. No one knows everything in life. There is no harm in apologizing and correcting yourself. Then you become a better person. He should have apologized immediately after the thing was released, not when the movie was released. But if someone is unaware that they may have hurt someone else, I don’t know about it.

You are quite outspoken and speak openly. How will your mother react to your frank words?

My mother said nothing to me. She never once said, “Why did you say something?” I’m speaking the truth, why is someone saying nothing?

Do you live in a family home or are you separated?

I am staying at my parents’ house in Bellavista.

Your life has been a roller coaster. Has someone ever approached you to make a movie about your life? Or would you like to tell your own story someday?

I will tell my story someday. The day will come. I bring it to life through movies and web series.

Looking for more jobs?

I am meeting people for a project. After Faactory (Faisal’s last release), I realized my potential as a director. I’m meeting people for acting jobs as well as trying to write scripts and build projects.

Are you trying to get married and settle down?

Who would marry an old man like me? Maybe I’ll find someone my age. As I said when we talked last time, first I want to earn money and settle down. Some things look promising and I’m getting jobs here and there. Focus on your work first.

Are there any plans to remake your father Tahir Hussain’s film?

There are no plans to remake these films. Aamir has the rights to all those films.

Are you on good terms with Aamir?

Of course I am talking to him. We meet and exchange greetings from time to time. But the problem is, he’s very busy with his life and I’m struggling with my busy life.

Have you seen Laal Singh Chaddha?

i saw it Not immediately, but I saw it. I felt the movie was good in parts. Especially Aamir felt that she should have chosen a better script since she brought the film four years later. I liked parts of this movie, but not completely. For Aamir and other good actors, we expect them to do a good job too. They should blow your mind. But unfortunately that did not happen to Lal Singh Chadda. It wasn’t “Wow!” movie.

What has to be said about the Bollywood trend of boycotting?

i think it’s a boycott bollywood It’s a necessary move. Because after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, all the evils of Bollywood came to light. The world has come to know the dirty side of Bollywood. And how much arrogance there is in the industry. So they have paid a price and will continue to do so. You have to change the whole system. Because only a few ruled Bollywood like a dictator. It’s not. Creativity should flow. Anyone can be creative. You are trying to monopolize the entire business. It doesn’t work like that.

I think it’s a very necessary move. I am suffering now, but in a few years there will be a change. The industry takes on new shape with new people coming in. that is necessary. It’s also like a rebellion because the industry is so corrupt, 90% of them are corrupt.

What does corruption mean?

There are many types of corruption. Don’t let them give you a chance. The theater favors the star. The new actor’s film does not have a screen to show his film. How can he prove himself? Theater owners are also like ‘Yeh bik raha hai toh usko saare screens de do’ (give all screens to a movie that might sell out). They should give newcomers a chance to showcase their talents. All types of movies need a quota to get a screen. Otherwise this is corruption. you have a monopoly Then they abused girls and now they abuse boys too. Why would you want to abuse your power? God is above us all. You will have to pay the fee.

A businessman came with money, thinking that he would make a good movie with love and happiness. But these guys cheated on them. Kitnon ke ghar barbad hue hain (so many men ruined). All this corruption works on different levels.

Do you think Bollywood stars should be discounted?

The star system must end. Today, all big star movies have failed. where is their credibility? The era of superstars is over. In a few years, a new superstar may be born.

No commitment to work, except corruption. There should be a commitment to your work. They don’t give movies time. Tapasya nahin hai (no dedication). Why do you still love old songs and movies? Because they put the time, effort, and honesty into making the film. These days, movies and songs come and go. It’s a shortcut work. How will this industry survive? The entire industry has to pull up their socks and get a makeover.

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