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AGT takes things to new heights. David “The Bullet” Smith is one of the contestants of “AGT: Extreme”. Here are 5 key things you need to know about it.

New America has talent the spin-off came in AGT: Extreme. The premiere of the new series will take place on February 21. One of the participants in the premiere – David “The Bullet” Smith.

David is no stranger AGT the universe. So who is David “Bullet” Smith? From his past to his family here’s what you need to know about this “human cannonball”.

David “The Bullet” Smith on “AGT: Extreme”. (NBC)

1. David is known as the “human cannonball”.

David has been fired from a cannon for over 20 years. According to his father, he acted as a professional cannonball after he was 19 years old. its official website. David has executed a whopping 8,000 cannon shots in 15 countries.

2. David was previously a member of “AGT”.

David was a participant America has talent for 7 seasons. He eventually dropped out of the quarterfinals. Now he’s back to get another chance AGT glory!

3. David is beaten by the Guinness Book of Records.

David currently holds six Guinness World Records. His records include the highest shot of a cannonball and the farthest shot of a cannonball. He broke his own record four times.

4. David’s daughter is part of his deed.

Daughter of David, Chloe, plays an integral role when it comes to David’s career. Her task – to prepare the gun for firing. “It’s an indescribable pleasure,” Chloe said Midland Daily News in 2021. “It’s a very proud feeling. … A lot of energy during the show. This is something to be proud of because I do it with someone who has broken records. Not only that, he’s my dad – than I can help. I was just lucky to live my life traveling – it’s definitely fun. “

David Bullet Smith
David “The Bullet” Smith with host Terry Crews. (NBC)

5. David’s dad joined the circus.

David’s father, David Smith Sr., escaped with the circus and became a flying artist on a trapeze. David Sr. and his wife, Gene Smith, were part of the Rock Smith Flyers. Soon David moved on to designing a human cannon. David and Gina have 7 children, and all were shot at some point. David Jr. made a career like his father!

Extreme ‘- Hollywood Life

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