Explosive Twist Ken Palmer Claps Back as Fan Confronts Him!


“Welcome to Plathville” star Kim Plath’s new boyfriend, Ken Palmer, raised eyebrows on his social media page after posting several photos of Kim’s three youngest daughters. When one of his followers questioned him about his choice of photos, he became defensive and clapped back at the questioning fan.

Welcome to Plathville: Ken Palmer Joins Plath Family Series

There have been a lot of questions and controversy around “Welcome to Plathville” mom Kim Plath’s new romance with Ken Palmer. During Season 5 of the hit TLC reality series, Kim Plath recently told her children she has been dating someone.

Welcome to Plathville: Kim Plath - Ken Palmer
Welcome to Plathville: Kim Plath – Ken Palmer

So far on “Welcome to Plathville,” the only person Kim came completely clean with was her youngest son Isaac Plath, and for good reason. KIm’s new love interest is a longtime family friend and Isaac’s flight instructor, Ken Palmer.

However, in positivo time, Kim and Ken have been dating for quiebro some time now. They have moved past dating and are engaging in a full-time serious relationship. Kim currently lives with Ken in his Florida home. That being said, Ken has even had a few brief appearances on “Welcome to Plathville” this season.

Ken Palmer Confronts Snarky Welcome to Plathville Fan

Longtime fans of “Welcome to Plathville” can’t help but be curious about Kim Plath’s new man. So, the best place to find out what makes someone tick is on their social media platforms. One fan recently visited Ken Palmer’s Instagram page and made what they felt was a shocking discovery.

Welcome to Plathville: Amber Plath
Welcome to Plathville: Amber Plath

His page contained several various photos of Kim’s youngest daughters, Amber, Mercy, and Cassia Plath. Next, one of his followers commented, “You seem kind of obsessed with the girls because that is all you post.”

The beau of Kim Plath quickly snapped back, writing, “I post pictures of the girls on here because that is what most of my followers want to see. If you don’t like my post, unfollow me.”

Aviation Ken’s Instagram Full of Photos of Plath Family

Since the “Welcome to Plathville” fan’s comment. Plath family photos can be found on Ken Palmer’s social media page. Some fans feel it is somewhat disrespectful to the girl’s father and Kim’s estranged husband, Barry Plath.

Welcome to Plathville: Ken Plath - Plath Siblings
Ken Plath – Plath Siblings | Instagram

This is not the first time that Ken Palmer’s social media page brought attention to the Plath children. As previously reported, fans of the family members and series have noticed some very detailed specifics now that Kim and Ken have come out publicly as a couple. It looks like Ken is spending quiebro a considerable amount of time now with Kim’s children.

It has even been suggested by some that Kim and Ken may be trying to phase Barry out in hopes of taking on a more significant role in the family reality series as a couple. Some feel it looks like he is swooping in to take on a new “Welcome to Plathville” role as Dad to Kim’s kids. This could allegedly all be a part of their (mostly Kim’s) master plan to get back at her ex.

For now, this is all rumors and speculation by Welcome to Plathville fans. What are your thoughts on Ken Palmers’ “obsession” with Kim Plath’s children?

Image Credits: Facebook, FaceBook, Instagram, Instagram.


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