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Patient is being treated for burns. Doctors soon realized that there was more to this injury than meets the eye. The Resident Season 6 premiere. Nurse Ellen must correct a patient who mistook Atlanta for Alabama. The patient receives a call and drops her phone on the floor. Conrad gives it back to her.

Matt Czuchry at the season 6 premiere of “The Resident.” (fox)

The patient tries to return to work immediately. Conrad points out that she is walking strangely. Cade came over and said, “This is her second time in a month that I’ve treated her.” Feldman thought it was time to find out what made this patient so accident-prone, and she told him to stay away.

Conrad wants to put Billy on a neurological examination. Cade doesn’t think it’s necessary out of the box. Toxicology screening should be the first step they pursue to understand what is really going on.

The synopsis for the season 6 premiere read: Meanwhile, Conrad makes a decision about his love life, and Devon directs his own trial with Chastain. ”

The Resident
Feldman, Conrad and Cade at the season 6 premiere. (fox)

end of last season, The Resident Conrad left things open as to whether to pursue a romance with Billy or Cade. hollywood life Learned exclusively from the EP Andrew Chapman The Conrad said,explore his feelings Especially for one of these women’ in the new season. From this exclusive preview, we still don’t know who that woman is.

When Conrad’s Life Changed Nick died tragically after a car accident. Emily VanCamp returned for a pivotal flashback episode after leaving the show, but it’s time to close the book on Nick and Conrad’s love story. I am very pleased with the conclusion that has brought to Nick and Conrad’s relationship. Conrad feels ready to move on while honoring Nick’s memory and the strength of the relationship,” said Andrew. Told.

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