Exclusive: Ayan Mukerji Reveals Brahmastra 2 Aiming For December 2025 Release, Shares Details About Dev

Soon there will be more light.Film director Ayan Mukerji Brahmastra: Part 1 – Shiva It may have taken eight years from when it was first announced to release, but the sequel will be back on the big screen sooner.

Ranbir KapoorAria Butt starrer will be released on September 9th, box office record broken in that collection. The film ended after teasing a sequel titled Brahmastra: Part Two – Dev.

Since Brahmastra hit cinemas, the internet has been flooded with fan theories about not only how Brahmastra will move forward, but who will play the antagonist, Dev.

A few names are flying around. Hrithik Roshan, Rambia Singh To Ranbir Kapoor, who fans believe can play the dual role of son Shiva and father Dev.

But Ayan Mukerji is tight-lipped.in an interview with indianexpress.comthe filmmakers said the Brahmastra sequel would chronicle Dev’s backstory and continue the current timeline.

“For Dev, there’s very little I can answer. The idea was to create very clear instructions for the next direction of storytelling. Now we’re really into the antagonist story. Decoding it gives us a hook to grab onto in Part 2. Dev is the fulcrum of the entire Brahmastra trilogy,” said Ayan.

According to the filmmaker, Brahmastra: Part Two – Dev will switch between past and present to showcase Dev’s influence on the universe.

“What are the real stresses that this community and the world will face for Brahmastra, and what the real stress is? All of this really plays out in Dev’s story.

“His story is meant to take us back to his past, but he also goes back to the present. The idea is,” he said.

The first installment was an introduction to the world of Brahmastra, but Ayan Mukerji says the sequel will be where that storytelling completely takes off in the way they’ve always envisioned.

“I really feel like we’re really going to be our own with the storytelling of Part 2. I’ve known that for a long time. Part 1 is just the foundation, the setting for this story. But I can’t say who Dev is, we’ll announce it when the time comes.”

Ayan wouldn’t share details about Dev’s casting, but said the director has set a goal for the film: to release it in 2025.

The filmmakers hope the lessons learned from the VFX-heavy implementation of Part 1 will benefit the sequel. “We have a goal. We want to make this film and release it three years from now. We also learned how to make this kind of film.”

Brahmastra poster. (Photo: PR material)

The director says the film’s script is ready and has already made several rewrites and revisions to ensure it’s the best, so it’s certain to set a target of three years for the anticipated sequel. says that.

“The script for part 2 has been going on since we started part 1. It’s always been one story. The thread is ready. A lot of work has already been done on part 2. Time is up.” Yes, and with COVID, I wrote and rewrote.

“We’ve been working on part two for months. There’s a lot of stuff already in part two. Of course, we’ll see when part one is decided,” he said.

Ayan Mukerji says that for a huge movie like Brahmastra: Part Two – Dev there are long phases of pre-production, VFX and post-production. As such, there’s no set date for when the team will release the film.

“Going to the floor is not as important as when planning the release of a movie. As important as time.

“I go to the floor on the day I’m taking a break from Part 1. The core team gets together and says, ‘We want to create Part 2 and release it in December 2025. We’re aiming for that.’ And we’re on the floor,” he concluded.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/brahmastra-sequel-ayan-mukerji-8149068/ Exclusive: Ayan Mukerji Reveals Brahmastra 2 Aiming For December 2025 Release, Shares Details About Dev

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