EXCLUSIVE | Andrew Scott & Joe Alwyn’s New Movie ‘Catherine Called Birdie’ Hollywood

Andrew Scott and Joe Alwyn have a diverse filmography to date. Whether it’s haunting Sherlock or serenading Fleabag, Andrew has done it all. being transported. The two actors spoke about the film and their roles in a recent exclusive chat with Hindustan Times.

Katherine Cold Birdy is based on the eponymous 1994 young adult novel by Karen Cushman, and is seen by the film’s 14-year-old protagonist Lady Catherine, aka Birdy (played by Bella Ramsey), in the 13th century. Andrew plays Lord Rollo, Birdie’s father. She sees him as the dominant figure, but he says the character has more to him. But I’m trying to find a good husband for my daughter to keep the family going, because that was the way it was back then. He’s in control, but at the same time he has some ideas about dignity and providing for his family,” says the actor.

Joe plays George, Birdie’s uncle. But Joe says it was a real treat to portray the character’s development and how Birdy comes to see him as a flawed human being. He left the Crusades, and before he went he was this idealized shining prince. Birdie doesn’t get it right away and she puts him on a pedestal. As time passes and he gets his way, she realizes that he is no hero and that he is just as ordinary and messy as the next person. ”

Joe Alwyn plays Bella Ramsey’s uncle in Katherine Cold Birdie.

Sir Rollo’s quest to marry off his daughter for financial gain might be considered highly misogynistic, but Andrew says he’s just a man of his time and that the movie “In the original book, he was more macho, so we tried to make him a little different. For example, he was someone who was not very skilled in sword fighting or very successful in what could be called masculine activities.

Directed by Lena Dunham, Katherine Cold Birdie stars Billie Piper, Dean-Charles Chapman, Isis Haynesworth, and cameo appearances by Russell Brand and Ralph Ineson. Following its limited release on September 23rd, the film will be released on Prime Video on October 7th.

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