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  • Christian Pulisic is an attacking midfielder for Premier League club Chelsea and the US Men’s National Team.
  • He has one sister, Devin Pulisic.
  • Devyn is a businesswoman and mother of one.

Christian Pulisic24, earned a nickname “captain America” for his high level football play.Christian joins Premier League club Chelsea He made history as the youngest Chelsea player to score a hat-trick in 2019. Christian is also a member of the United States Men’s National Team playing for. 2022 World Cup.

Christian has a loving family that supports him, including his sister Devin Pulisic, 26. Christian is Devyn’s great brother and they have a great relationship. Here’s what you need to know about Christian sisters and their special bond.

Devyn runs her own business.

Devyn owns a company called Tranquility Stables, which, according to company information, offers crumpled boarding, training, and lessons. instagram pageTranquility Stables is located in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Devyn is an avid equestrian and she records about her. Instagram, she has over 21,000 followers. Devyn moved from Pennsylvania to Florida, where she enjoys horseback riding all year round because of the nice weather.

she is in a relationship.

Devyn is currently engaged as a fitness trainer Austin SawyerAustin first appeared on Devyn’s Instagram in August 2021, posting a photo of the pair with the caption, “You’re my favorite ❤️.”couple announced their engagement In February 2022, after confirming they were expecting their first child together.

On Austin’s birthday in April, Devin spoke about her future husband. sweet pictures of a couple. “Every day with you is like a fairy tale. Sometimes I still think I’m dreaming when I realize I can marry you 💍 I love you so much my life with you is forever follow,” she wrote.

she is a mom

Devyn gave birth to a daughter Avery Joy Sawyer Devyn announced the news on social media with a photo of her and Austin’s baby girl. “Avery Joy Sawyer was born last night weighing 7.4 pounds and 20 inches long 💓,” Devin wrote to her. Position“We are both doing great and can’t wait for this new part of our lives ❤️ Austin is our biggest support system and we love you so much,” she said. she added.

In October, Devyn shared new photo Pictures of daughter Avery, including a cute shot with Austin. The family of three seemed very happy. Devyn says it has been “the best two months of her life in my life” since Avery’s birth.

Devyn has a close relationship with his brother.

Christian Pulisic
Christian Pulisic (Photo: Michael Zemanek/Shutterstock)

Devyn is a cheerleader like her brother in his incredible football career. Devyn constantly posts pictures of her and her brother on Instagram to support him. . In October 2019, the roles were actually reversed when Christian posed in his Tranquility Stables sweatshirt for a picture of his cute brother and sister at a football stadium. Rip the goodies!! I love you and thank you for all your support. 😇💓 #usmnt,” he wrote Devyn.

Christian and the US Men’s National Team will continue to play at the 2022 World Cup, so Devin will be watching the next game closely and hopes his brother will be victorious.

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