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Robert De Niro79 years old award-winning actor of Taxi driver When Raging Bull Fame has often kept his personal life close to his chest. but, his latest movie Alongside Margot Robbie When christian bale, Amsterdam hit the scene and many are wondering his family life behind the scenes. De Niro is not only one of the most famous actors of his time, he is also the father of six children. Over the course of his career, the actor has maintained a fairly low profile while bringing some of the big screen’s most memorable characters to life. Although De Niro rarely speaks publicly about his personal life, there are some interesting facts to learn about his family, previous relationships and marriages, and his six children. Learn more about the actor’s personal life in the comprehensive timeline below.

Drena De Niro

de niro hurt Diane Abbott In 1976, he subsequently became stepfather to Diane’s daughter from a previous marriage. DrenaDiane and De Niro met on the set of the 1976 film Taxi driver, starred De Niro in one of his most iconic roles. Born September 3, 1971, Drena took her stepfather’s surname and followed in her parents’ footsteps.

Robert De Niro and Drena De Niro at the 20th Annual Hollywood Film Awards in Los Angeles on November 6, 2016 [Shutterstock].

Drena is an actress and model.Her transition to acting began in her mid-twenties when she played her receptionist in a movie Grace of My HeartOver the decades, Drena has amassed a strong filmography with numerous credits, including a role in the 2018 Oscar-nominated film. birth of a star,starring Lady Gaga When bradley cooperand roles in films joyco-starring and starring with his father-in-law jennifer lawrenceDrena is close with both her mother and stepfather, and often shares a photo or two with De Niro on her Instagram page, usually posing with her own child.

Rafael De Niro

Rafael De Niro First child of Diane Abbott and Robert De Niro. The couple welcomed their son on November 9, 1976. Just like his half-sister Drena, Rafael also launched his acting career. Early on, Raphael appeared in films alongside his father. Awakening When Raging BullAlthough he started acting, Rafael made a pretty drastic career change as an adult.

Rafael De Niro and Robert De Niro at the 2nd Annual Robert De Niro Awards Reception in New York on January 22, 2013 [Shutterstock].

Raphael became a real estate broker and founded the company De Niro Team. Douglas Elliman is described as “his 15-year successful real estate advisory team in New York City resales and new developments.” instagram pageOf his clients Rafael has worked with Jon Bon Jovi, Kelly Ripa, and even more when it comes to their real estate pursuits. Raphael has been married twice and has children. His father and mother filed for divorce before Raphael was in his teens.

Julian and Aaron De Niro

After divorcing Diane Abbott, De Niro started dating model Tukey SmithDuring their relationship, which lasted from 1988 to 1996, De Niro and Tukey welcomed twin sons. Julian When Aaron De NiroTwin boys were conceived via IVF and were born via surrogacy in October 1995. As a child, he attended red carpet events with his parents, but as an adult he leads a relatively quiet life.

Elliott De Niro

By 1997, De Niro was married to his second wife. Grace HightowerThe couple welcomed their son, Elliott De Niro, 1998. They enrolled Elliot in tennis lessons and he fell in love with the sport.

De Niro opened up about his son’s passion for tennis in a video. ESPN“His mother was good at pushing [him]and I want him to move and exercise,” continued De Niro. “He realized, ‘Oh, I can do this,'” Grace said of her son. “It helped him socially,” she continued. “It’s the best self-motivation a person can have. He’ll feel better about himself. So, especially, it benefits everyone.” [Elliot]”

Around heavyRobert revealed in 2016 that Elliot was on the autism spectrum. Vaxed From the Tribeca Film Festival, it says the controversial anti-vaccine film is “one for everyone to see.”according to heavyDe Niro claims via of Telegraph After being vaccinated against measles, Elliot “changed overnight.”

It’s clear that De Niro had a strong bond and support for his son in Grace, but the couple almost split after less than three years of marriage. Although they called it quits, the divorce was never finalized.In 2004, De Niro and Hightower renewed their vows.

Helen De Niro

With their marriage back on track, De Niro and his wife decided to expand their family even further.In 2011, the couple welcomed a daughter, Helen De Niro, via a surrogate. Little is known about Helen. After all, she’s nearly 10 years her age. However, a few years after she was welcomed into the De Niro family, Helen’s parents decided to officially end their marriage. The divorce is still up in the air due to legal issues and more.

Throughout his career, De Niro has rarely spoken about his life.However, during an appearance in June 2020 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonthe actor spoke about his children and welcomed the opportunity to raise them over the past few decades. Is not.” the actor admitted to a host with the same name, Jimmy Fallon.

“When you say to your children, ‘Don’t let go,’ [out] If you’re stopped by a cop, put your hands on the steering wheel, don’t make any jerks, don’t put your hands down, don’t do this,” he continued, “that’s scary. It has to change. it won’t.”

In addition to revealing such details about watching his six children navigate the world, he’s also said that when it comes to following in his footsteps and pursuing a career in acting. “I tell my kids, ‘If you want to be an actor or do this or that, if you’re happy, so be it,'” the actor said. . people“Don’t sell yourself short. That’s pretty much what I want to say — push yourself a little more and reach for what you really want to do. Don’t be afraid.” I had a strong desire to “find my way.”

Although he’s been very reluctant to talk about his six children in the past, De Niro, like all the parents involved, seems to be very supportive and very much in love with them. I love my children just by being with them,” says the actor erupted into every week April 2019“It’s not easy. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes you love your kids, sometimes you want to kill them!” Like any parent, Robert De Niro and his six children It’s clear that not only is their relationship completely unique, but also familiar to his longtime fans who may be their parents.

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