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No! Scott Calvin, aka Santa Claus, reveals in his first teaser that he has decided to retire. Santa Clausdebuted at the D23 Expo on September 10th. Peyton ManningThe series will premiere on November 16th.

Santa Claus Released in theaters in 1994, it quickly became a staple of the holiday season. For nearly 30 years, Santa Claus spawned two sequels and will soon become a TV series. Tim Allen is reprising his iconic role in the Disney+ original series, along with other familiar faces from the original trilogy.

Santa Claus the movie is Christmas It’s an annual staple for families around the world. A new comedy series will do just as well. From who’s back to what we know about the story, hollywood life All the latest information about Santa Claus series.

Tim Allen as Scott Calvin/Santa Claus. (Everett Collection)

cast & crew


Tim Allen I’m back as Scott Calvin Santa Claus series.The actor debuted as a character who becomes santa claus In the original 1994 movie.he’s back for a sequel Santa Claus 2 When Santa Claus 3: Escape ClauseAll three films grossed over $100 million at the box office, with the first making $189.8 million. Tim will also serve as executive producer on the series.

As of now, only two characters have been confirmed to be returning from the previous game.one Elizabeth Mitchell, plays Carol, Santa’s wife who becomes Mrs. Claus. At the end of her third film, Carol gave birth to a son named Buddy.

July 27th, deadline reported David Krumholtzwho played Head Elf Bernard in the first two Santa Claus movies come back Santa Claus series.David reposted his news instagram page He also shared a behind-the-scenes video of his return to character as Bernard.

“I am proud to add another chapter to my ‘The Santa Claus’ career this fall with ‘THE SANTA CLAUSES’ on @disneyplus. We think you will love it! I loved every minute of revisiting this character, including this moment when the hair team fixed my wig for the first time. he wroteIn his comment, David said the title of the series was Santa Clausbut Disney has yet to confirm this title.

Cal Penn joined the cast of Santa Claus According to the series deadlineHe says he plays “ambitious game inventor, product developer, and dedicated single father, Simon Chaxey. Simon can tell the story of a tech mogul, but He can’t walk and his dreams of becoming the next Bezos fail wildly, but that all changes after visiting the North Pole.”

There are many fan-favorite actors who have appeared in previous films whose return has not been announced. These actors include Eric Lloydwho played Scott’s eldest son Charlie Calvin, Spencer Breslinplayed the elf Curtis in Santa Claus 3.


Showrunner/Executive Producer of Santa Claus the series is Jack Burditbest known for his work last man standing, 30 rock, modern family, FrasierWhen Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Kevin Hench, Richard Baker, Rick MessinaWhen Jason Winner Also Executive Producer. Jason will also direct the show.

Tim Allen
Tim Allen and Eric Lloyd in “Santa Claus”. (Everett Collection)

Jack created a comedy series last man standingstarring Tim for nine seasons. Santa Claus Series reunites Jack, Kevin and Tim who worked together last man standing.


official synopsis of Santa Claus In the series: “Scott Calvin is approaching his 65th birthday and realizes he can’t be Santa forever. In addition, he has a family who could benefit from life in the normal world, especially two children who grew up in the Arctic.To the delight of many elves, children, and families, Scott decided that his While the family prepares for new adventures south of the North Pole, set about finding a suitable replacement Santa.

Elizabeth Mitchell
Elizabeth Mitchell as Carol Calvin/Mrs. Claus. (Everett Collection)

Release date

Santa Claus The series was officially announced in January 2022. Production on He Will Begin March 2022 and took place in Los Angeles.

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