Euphoria Season 3 | assumptions about release date, cast and news

But what exactly will cover the third part of who is out Euphoria actors will come back and if we can expect it to appear on our screens?

That’s all we know about Season 3 of Euphoria.

** Warning-spoiler for 8 series 2 seasons of Euphoria **

Will Euphoria return in Season 3?

Yes! In early February, HBO announced that “Euphoria” would return in Season 3.

As for the future of the show, it is currently unclear whether Season 3 will be the last for Euphoria – in fact, HBO executives are not even sure at the moment.

“I will allow [executive producer] Sam [Levinson] and Zendaya talk about [that]”Said Casey Blois, HBO’s Chief Content Officer TVLine earlier this month.

“I’m very excited about what they planned [for season 3]. So I’ll leave that to them. I will say, generally speaking, we trust where they want to take these characters. So we will allow the creative team to lead. “

Euphoria, Season 3, release date

While we know that Euphoria will definitely be back another season, we don’t yet know when it will appear – however, it is unlikely it will appear on our screens in a few years.

His main star, Zendaya, who plays the troubled teenager Ru, has a rather busy schedule for the next two years, and the Emmy winner is shooting Luke Guadannino’s upcoming film “Disputes” in the spring before filming. Dune: part two for the summer.

Zenda is like Bennett’s tearful street in Euphoria

Eddie Chen / HBO

Given this, it may take a year to wait for filming to begin, and so we are unlikely to see the air of the new season before 2024

Responding to such a proposal in VarietyActor Eric Dane said: “I just saw something that says about 2024 that makes sense. I mean, we’ll be back and shoot, maybe in November. I don’t know. I haven’t heard. It’s always going to change.” .

So the wait is likely to be long, Euphoria fans!

Actors 3 seasons of euphoria

The following actors have been confirmed for Season 3 of Euphoria.

  • Zenda in the role of Ru Bennett
  • Eric Dane as Cal Jacobs
  • Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard
  • Dominic Fake as Elliott

We are also waiting for a return for the following stars:

  • Hunter Schaefer as Jules Vaughan
  • Nick King as Leslie Bennett
  • Angus Cloud as Fesco
  • Jacob Elordi as Nate Jacobs
  • Alex Demi as Maddie Perez
  • Barbie Ferreira as Kat Hernandez
  • Maud Apatow as Lexi Howard
  • Storm Reed as Gia Bennett
  • Austin Abrams as Ethan Daly
  • Coleman Domingo as Ali Mohammed

It is unclear who will return in Season 3 of Euphoria, we know that Zenda will reprise her role as Roo, and Casey Blois, HBO’s director of content, will tell TVLine: “She will be in season 3.”

In fact, we can’t see Zendaya leaving the show any time soon, and Blois added, “It’s hard to imagine [the] show without it ”.

Zenda as Roo Bennett kisses Hunter Schaefer as Jules Vaughn in the head in Euphoria

Ryu and Jules broke up forever on Euphoria?

Eddie Chen / HBO

We also know that Dominic Faik will return in season 3 as Eliot, and the singer and actor will tell Today’s show with Jimmy Fallon that he will “absolutely” return.

Sidney Sweeney also confirmed her return to the third season when she discussed her hopes for her character in a chat with Cosmopolitan.

Sweeney said: “I can only imagine where she will go next season. As an actor, I like being in places that can be deep for the characters because you discover different parts of them that you didn’t know before. I love discovering different parts of Cassie.

“The second season was very different [to season one] because last season Cassie was so confident and on this path of selfishness and self-worth».

Meanwhile, Eric Dane also confirmed his involvement in the series when discussing a return to filming.

Eric Dane as Cal Jacobs in

Eric Dane as Cal Jacobs in “Euphoria.”

Eddie Chen / HBO

Dane told Variety: “There will be redemption. I mean, that’s the trajectory he’s following. I can’t imagine Kel’s life from solitary confinement. It’s hard to include Kel in the storyline when he’s behind bars.”

The actor also showed that he hopes that Cal and Nate will be able to (somehow) establish their relationship.

As for the rest of the cast, we’ll probably see Hunter Schaefer (Jules Vaughan), Alex Demi (Maddie Perez), Barbie Ferreira (Kat Hernandez), Maud Apatow (Lexi Howard), Jacob Elordi (Nate Jacobs), Bennett), Coleman Domingo (Ali Mohammed), Austin Abrams (Ethan Daly) and Nick King (Leslie Bennett) return in Season 3.

Angus Cloud Fesca was left in a difficult situation but alive after getting shot in the stomach in the final, so is likely to return in the third season – even if he is in jail after being taken into police custody in the final of the second season.

I hope you like the new additions to the cast Martha Kelly (Lori), Chloe Cherry (Faye) and Minka Kelly (Samantha) will also return to the second round to link her storylines.

Jayvon Walton as an ashtray in

It seems we saw the last of Javon Walton in the role of Ashtray in Euphoria

Eddie Chen / HBO

Unfortunately, it seems that Javon Walton will not return to the role of Ashtray in season 3 after the character was shot by special forces in the finale of season 2.

Despite the possibility of flashbacks, Walton also did not rule out that Astra is alive.

He told Variety: “There’s definitely hope that Ashtray will still be alive. Because if there’s anyone who can get a bullet in the show, it’s Ashtray. Ashtray is an obscene child. He doesn’t play. I think he has opportunity to be close to season 3 ”.

Can Ashtray still be alive?

Euphoria season 3 plot

Angus Cloud as Fesco, who screams on the ground in Euphoria

Angus Cloud as Fesco in “Euphoria.”

YouTube / HBO

After the finale of the 2nd season of “Euphoria” it remains to study a number of plot points.

As for the serious final moments, Fesca was taken into police custody after his foster brother Estrey accidentally shot him in the stomach, who was later shot by special forces.

Will Feska be sent to prison for murder? What does this mean for his affair with Lexi Howard?

Maud Apatow, who plays on the Lexi show, told Entertainment Weekly that she wants to see a slow romance between everyone’s favorite couple – Fez and Lexi. “I like working with Angus. I think Angus is such a great actor, and we just have so much fun working together, ”she said. “So for selfish reasons, I hope we can do more scenes together because it’s fun.”

Elsewhere, we will continue to follow Ru Bennett on her path to sobriety and the fight against addiction – we know she lasts the school year being sober, but what next?

It also seems that her affair with Jules Vaughan and her friendship with Eliot are now over forever. Where does this leave Jules and did she really end up with Eliot too?

Hunter Schaefer as Jules in

Hunter Schaefer as Jules in “Euphoria.”

Eddie Chen / HBO

Cassie Howard will also be dealing with her breakup with Nate Jacobs, but former best friend Maddie Perez has warned her that their complicated relationship is just beginning. Can a couple make friends?

Meanwhile, newcomer Chloe Cherry, who plays heroin addict Faye, said Variety that she hopes Faye will get closer to Roux in Season 3.

“They will feel right. I think Faye can tell a story of addiction, like Roo; although it’s different, I think they could learn something from each other,” she said. “I also believe that Roo is a character without condemnation, and I think that’s all Faye needs. I think if they got closer, they would go together because they have a common experience and they’re both modest girls. despite this. “

Finally, as mentioned earlier, it seems we will follow Cal Jacobs ’journey of“ redemption ”- if possible.

Is there a trailer for Season 3 of Euphoria?

Alex Demi as Maddie Perez and Barbie Ferreira as Kat Hernandez standing in front of the lockers at Euphoria

Alex Demi (left) as Maddie Perez and Barbie Ferreira as Kat Hernandez in “Euphoria”

Eddie Chen / HBO

HBO has yet to release a trailer for Season 3, but watch this space!

We will update our release date page as soon as the clip is dropped.

Season 2 of “Euphoria” continues on Mondays The sky of the Atlantic and NOW. If you are looking for more to see, check out our Teleguide.

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Euphoria Season 3 | assumptions about release date, cast and news

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