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Among all combat settings of Christopher Nolantime-twisted thriller Tenet, the restaurant kitchen may have been the most claustrophobic, but it was also the least compelling.Then the rogues wipe them out and take on John David WashingtonA stack of plates shatters. The whole shelf rolls. A cheese grater is a useful weapon. However, for a film with a lot of talk about entropy, it could have benefited from tapping into the entropy of the working kitchen. Imagine it was bear.

Created by Christopher Storer, the FX on Hulu series is an 8-episode anxiety attack. Carmen “Carmie” Belzatto (Jeremy Allen White), played by Jeremy Allen White, is a whimsical but talented chef who left New York’s fine dining world behind after her brother committed suicide to live with her family in Chicago. He runs a sandwich shop, The Beef. Running a restaurant is stressful enough, but Carmie has inherited something of his three-wheeled circus. Staff are allergic to any change. “Cousin” Richie (Ebon Mosbarak), an overzealous restaurant manager, agrees with ambitious sous chef Sidney He Adam (Ayoedevili). Uncle Jimmy Cicero (Oliver Platt) is trying to take over the store to pay off a mountain of debt. Add extremely tight profit margins, health law violations, family dysfunction, and his own grief and trauma to the equation—it certainly takes its toll on Carmie. , the eyes are matte and I see a man walking through the blade of a knife.

Watching Carmie and her staff cook together in a cramped, sweaty hotbox filled with boiling pots, open flames, knives and knives makes me wonder why restaurant kitchens aren’t crime hotspots. I think With them she spends an episode of about 20 minutes and their anxiety lingers. Health Inspector Nancy Choa (Amy Morton) show up at the restaurant looking for violations and messes abound, from the smallest to the smallest. Richie and Sydney get into an argument while Carmie tries to upset her. Everyone is talking to each other, building tension. The camera matches the handheld and character energies that keep pace with all the drama. bear Employing the destabilizing audiovisual language we have come to associate with the Safdie brothers. Heaven Knows Whatimproved by good timeand mastered by uncut gemstoneFrom the camerawork to the score to the editing, each element carries a harrowing intensity in its own right, as if the whole production was designed to induce anxiety attacks. The atmosphere is imbued with a sense of claustrophobia, making the character’s flaws seem bigger than they really are.

The tension reaches a boiling point in episode 7 of bearAnthem of Sufjan Stevens”ChicagoLike the calm before the storm, it opens the episode in youthful string and vibraphone glory. The nearly 20-minute one-take that follows is a spectacle of cacophony and modulated frenzy. We are watching the absolute disaster unfold in real time. Sydney accidentally left the online pre-order option open.The receipt printer keeps ticking. Orders start piling up. problem too. I’m short of meat. Cook Tina (Liza Colón-Zayas) has brought her suspended son to school. Carmen’s recurring reminders — ‘Open in 15 minutes’, ‘Open in 10 minutes’, ‘Open in 5 minutes’ — feel like a time bomb. The camera relentlessly caroms from one character to another, keeping the viewer wedged between rocks and solid ground. Every time I get dizzy, I emphasize something else. As soon as one setback is resolved, another appears until it starts snowballing. We are with these characters, perched on the precipice of sanity every step of the way, feeling our cortisol levels rising. There is none. Tight camerawork and sound design combine to brew and externalize an inner storm, bringing it all to the surface in a shouting match, one employee quitting, one walking away, and one getting stabbed. finish. When the credits roll, you can finally breathe.

Bear entropy in a restaurant kitchen

The atmosphere in a restaurant kitchen can feel like a gunpowder keg waiting to be lit.However bear Never forget that art is order that emerges from chaos.Therefore, on one level, the show can be read as an allegory of the creative process that creates movies and shows. often become But when collaborators come together for a greater cause, they can still create something rich, delicious, and resilient.

The Bear is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

Prahlad Srihari is a film and music writer based in Bangalore..

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