Emma Thompson praises ‘Darling’ Shabana Azumi for their film.Hollywood

Shabana Azumi received compliments from her. co-star Emma Thompson for her work in the film. The film, directed by Shekhar Kapoor, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this week. Although Emma was not present at the premiere where the film received her two standing ovations with her co-stars Shabana, Lily, James, Sajal, and Allie, she decided to give the film a try. After watching, she sent Shabana a message from her heart. Read also| Emma Thompson stunned in a vivid Indian outfit in Shekhar Kapoor’s movie

Shabana took to her Instagram account on Friday to share a screenshot of the message she received. Emma Thompson“A message from Emma Thompson on ‘What Love Got To Do With It’ by Shekhar Kapoor,” he captioned it. Emma started her message for Shabana by calling it “darling” and called her performance “amazing”.

Emma’s message to Shabana reads: I am sure you will like it too. I am very happy. Sending all my love Emma. “

Shabana Azmi shares a message she received from Emma Thompson.

Shabana’s colleagues in the Hindi film industry reacted to her post. Vidya Balan and Dia Mirza commented on the red heart emoji.directed by Shekhar Kapoor “That’s great Shabana…and thanks to Emma for the message.” Fans also showered Shabana with compliments. Some wrote, “From one legend to another!!!”

Written by Jemima Khan, it tells the story of documentary-maker and “dating app addict” Zoe (Lily James) who constantly goes on the wrong man, much to the dismay of her mother Cass (Emma Thompson). did. She gains a new perspective on relationships after traveling to Lahore, where her childhood friend and neighbor Kaz (Shazad Latif) is having an arranged marriage.

Shabana Azumi has shared a few photos from the Toronto International Film Festival where she attended the film’s premiere, revealing it got an “overwhelming” response with people laughing, crying and giving a standing ovation. The film will hit theaters in the UK on January 27th next year.

https://www.hindustantimes.com/entertainment/hollywood/emma-thompson-compliments-darling-shabana-azmi-over-their-film-101663315992668.html Emma Thompson praises ‘Darling’ Shabana Azumi for their film.Hollywood

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