Emma Stone gets booed for wearing Padres costume at Mets Stadium game

Emma Stone is one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood and around the world, but there is one environment where all love is set aside and loyalty comes first. Baseball.

Emma Stone and husband Dave McCary were spotted at Citi Field in New York City recently during a game between the San Diego Padres and the New York Mets. , instead of being met with cheers, the couple were booed by a packed stadium. The reason is simple. At a stadium full of Mets fans, Emma and Dave wore Padres costumes.

The couple weren’t at all taken aback by this reaction from the crowd, but continued to show their support for the team by holding their heads high and toasting to the cameras and the crowd. You don’t seem convinced to do so.

Emma Stone is usually known to keep her private life private, but she seems to have no problem going out to support the Padres whenever possible.

Met fans may not have been happy, but Padres CEO Erik Greupner thanked Emma for her support on Twitter.

He tweeted a photo of Emma showing off the jacket, along with the caption, “Style, grace, good taste…Emma always welcomes @PetcoPark.”

The official San Diego Padres Twitter account also shared a photo of Emma and Dave.

Alongside the photo, the tweet read, “Big fan of these fans. Hi Dave and Emma! 👋.”

Emma now seems to be a lucky charm for the San Diego Padres. Mets fans were rooting for the team, but the presence of Emma and Dave seemed to give the Padres enough confidence to win the night’s game. It’s better

https://celebrityinsider.org/emma-stone-wears-padres-attire-at-a-mets-stadium-game-and-gets-booed-534728/ Emma Stone gets booed for wearing Padres costume at Mets Stadium game

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