‘Elden Ring’ Players Reveal Insane PvE Faith Build That Melts All Bosses

elden ring A game with endless possibilities.

Customize your play style, focus on different stats, weapons, and items, and build to your heart’s content, be a giant knight with a massive stone shield or an agile mage with a devastating arsenal of spells. You can create Or combine the two concepts and use a spellcasting tank. That’s the beauty of the game. Play as you like.

I have written about elden ring Player Matt ‘Your Average Gamer’ Farnkopf formerly, When he created a build capable of defeating both final bosses in the game in one hit—Radagon and the Elden Beast — Hardest difficulty (NG+7), due to a combination of divine magic, various buffs and status effects, and no small amount of experimentation and trial and error.

Farnkopf has created a guide to help players build their own “one-shot” builds after the game’s 1.06 patch, which made some significant changes to the game’s items and enemies.

as you can see in the video belowusing this build, Farnkopf was able to defeat every main/required boss in the game in one hit.

If you’d like to try this build yourself, or try a variation of this build,I will explain that process in another video:

third video Here’s step-by-step instructions on where to find all the items you need for this build (it’s long).

Here’s a list of everything you need to replicate this crazy one-shot build.

  • Gravel Stone Seal or Golden Order Seal
  • jellyfish shield
  • mushroom crown
  • stink pot
  • Bolus
  • Bloodsword for health damage
  • godfrey icon
  • lightning charm
  • Corrupt Kindred’s Revelry
  • red branch feather talisman
  • ancient prayer book (for spells)
  • Black dumpling
  • tears of lightning

Farnkopf told me that the Gravel Stone Seal is a good option until around Journey 5. Say. “Both scale at A.” Gravel Stone Seal’s 15% Lightning boost is good early on, but both Faith and Int aren’t as good as A scaling when he’s 80/80. “The overall Golden Order is a good way to go for PvE builds,” he says.

Here are the stats for this build at level 150 in Journey 3 (NG+3):

As you can see, pretty much everything here is pretty low, including Vitality, which determines your character’s health. The only stat that has been significantly raised is Faith. This is because almost all of the damage in this one-shot build comes from utilizing spells and devotion-based items.

A specific buff order is required to properly perform boss one-shot kills. This involves swapping helms, using items, casting spells, poisoning yourself (and then healing yourself so you don’t die). A single shot of the Ancient Dragon’s powerful Lightning Strike spell from him creates just the right amount of buff to finally defeat the boss.

Here’s the order of the buffs according to Farnkopf:

1. Activate using Madness Helmet

2. Switch to Mushroom Crown

3. Make sure your health is low enough for the boost

4. Drink tears

5. Recite the Golden Oath

6. Use Jellyfish Shield

7. Roar of Chabrilli

8. Poison Procedures

9. Cure Poison

As I pointed out in my last article, this level of item and buff tinkering is far from my personal playstyle. elden ring, But I enjoy seeing this level of care and detail put into a player’s build.It’s almost like a science experiment. Or it could be the concoction of a mad alchemist. Either way, it’s an impressive feat.

You can see more of your average gamer’s not-so-average stuff elden ring content on his YouTube channel.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/09/11/elden-ring-player-reveals-the-best-pve-faith-build-to-one-shot-every-boss/ ‘Elden Ring’ Players Reveal Insane PvE Faith Build That Melts All Bosses

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