“Earthquake must happen…” Akshaye Khanna talks about father Vinod Khanna’s decision to leave family and career

actor Vinod Khanna His decision to leave his family and successful career in 1975 to become a disciple of spiritual master Osho puzzled many. His eldest son Akshaye Khanna, who was still a toddler at the time, was later unable to understand his father’s decision. However, Akshay later admitted that it was only when he turned 15 that he understood the influence of his Osho and Rajneesh family in his father’s life.

In a Mid-Day interview several years ago, Akshaye had said that letting go of one’s family is just part of renunciation or Sanyaas. “The effect is … not just leaving his family, but doing ‘sanyaas’ (renunciation). Sanyaas means giving up one’s life completely — the family [only] Part of it.It was a decision that changed his life and he felt he needed to take it at the time.He couldn’t do it at age 5. [for me] to understand it. I can understand it now,” Akshaye said. I acknowledged that I did not.

“Especially when you have everything in life. It has to happen inside.But you can also stick to it.You can make a decision and say this isn’t for me — let’s go back,” he added.

Akshaye also amended the idea that Vinod Khanna returned to his family as they disagreed about the exercise. He revealed that his father had returned after the U.S. government dismantled the commune. That’s when he came back, otherwise I don’t think he would have come back,” he said.

Akshaye said he always had great respect for Osho as a spiritual leader. “I don’t know if Sanyas can do it for me. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy his discourse, I respect his intelligence, his oratory, and his way of thinking. I have a lot of respect for you,” he added.

Vinod Khanna passed away in April 2017 after a battle with illness. cancerAfter making his debut in Mann Ka Meet in 1968, he later appeared in several iconic films, including Mere Apne and Chandni. Sridevi When Rishi Kapoor.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/akshaye-khanna-on-dad-vinod-khanna-decision-to-leave-family-career-osho-rajneesh-8190934/ “Earthquake must happen…” Akshaye Khanna talks about father Vinod Khanna’s decision to leave family and career

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