Early Weekend Report: Batman Earns $ 21.6 Million on Domestic Previews

Photo: Warner Bros. (“Batman”)

This was reported this morning by Warner Bros. Batman earned $ 21.6 million from all domestic previews on Friday.

This includes showing IMAX fan events on Tuesday, AMC Investor Connect and some other shows on Wednesday, followed by traditional previews at around 3,300 seats on Thursday.

Although the studio has not officially confirmed the daily disruptions, unconfirmed sources report that about $ 2 million was received from each show on Tuesday and Wednesday. That would have received $ 17.6 million on Thursday.

For comparison, The Joker – DC’s latest exclusive film for theaters – grossed $ 13.3 million at screenings on Thursday alone in October 2019. Justice League posted a similar $ 13 million in November 2017 Wonder Woman in June 2017 raised $ 11 million.

Outside the DC universe, Marvel titles will be the most natural comparisons, although it should be noted that the fan base and audience model do not always coincide with the same prediction models. At the same time, Eternal earned $ 9.5 million last November and The Black Widow published $ 13.2 million a few months before.

How are the spring issues, Logan that same weekend in 2017 was $ 9.5 million. A year earlier Batman vs. Superman raised $ 27.7 million the night before Good Friday.

What does all this mean? It remains to be seen, but total gross profit from Tuesday to Thursday is 17.4 percent ahead of our target accurate forecastsand 4 percent above the high level of our range of best and worst cases.

Initial word of mouth quite strongand without the festive bloating in the game, there is no reason to compare Batmantrajectory to either Justice League or BvS. A similar topic for adults The Joker and Logan may be the most appropriate at the moment, although these films had an R rating compared to this PG-13.

The use of these last two films as models leads to very different scenarios: a The JokerA similar multiplier will result in about $ 131 million over the weekend (from Tuesday and Wednesday, cut into figures on Thursday), while Logan comp leads to $ 168 million. Batman Theoretically, they should be less busy than any of them, if by Thursday burned some fan demand.

As noted in the final forecasts, BatmanThe duration, the potential bet on older viewers, and the challenge of watching two poorly received films about Batman after Christopher Nolan’s cult trilogy are major concerns. However, the signs remain very encouraging with hopes that the young audience will participate in the next Batman era with Robert Pattinson and director Matt Reeves at the helm.

Early Weekend Report: Batman Earns $ 21.6 Million on Domestic Previews

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