Dwayne Johnson explains why he won’t run for president

sorry America President Rock I will not be appointed immediately.

After years of tinkering with ideas, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson declared presidential election He’s officially “off the table” because he chose to focus on his family.

‘I love our country and everyone in it,’ he shared in an interview CBS Sunday Morning, which aired on October 9. “I love being a dad too.”

Johnson, 50, is the father of three children.Simone Johnson21 with ex Danny Garcia When Jasmine Johnson6, and Tiana Johnsonwith four wives Lauren Hashianhe called him daughters his “top priority”.

“Especially at this time, at this critical time in my daughters’ lives,” above, [at] At this critical time in her life, this critical age. And that’s what the president does. “

He said, “Sure, being a CEO sounds great, but the person I want to be the most is being a dad. That’s it.”

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