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Photo by Jenny Graham. Her NoHo Arts Theater Review of “Driver’s Seat” by Ellie Brelis, written and directed by Emily Mikolic, runs at Theater 68 Arts Complex through November 13th.

[NoHo Arts District, CA] – Noho Arts theater review Lyrics, composition and performance of “Driver’s Seat” Ellie Brelisdirected by Emily Mikolic Theater 68 Arts Complex It is being held until November 13th.

I love solo shows. How some people have the nerve to stand on stage for her hour or so and tell their own story, usually a very personal story, is beyond me and I am in awe of the whole process. I’m holding

However, there are some solo exhibitions that stand out from the rest. “Driver’s Seat” is his one such show. Ellie Brelis tells the story of her obsessive-compulsive disorder “crash” and recovery with moving candor.

The NoHo Arts Theater Review of
Photo by Jenny Graham

Ellie suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder since childhood. For as long as she can actually remember, she felt debilitated by her condition. I was haunted by the fear of not being. She was troubled by counting, repeating, and all the myriad things that make up this awful state. Things really took a turn when the coronavirus hit, Ellie’s longtime boyfriend ended their relationship, her beloved grandfather passed away, and Ellie felt she could no longer resist.Her life The temptation to end the

She called her father, went to the hospital with him, and checked into a treatment center to save her life.

This play tells that story. But Ellie isn’t the only one in this part of her story, and it’s clear to everyone how incredibly smart and extremely funny Ellie Brelis is during her life so far… Regardless of her OCD, that’s probably why.

A brilliant performer of light, energy and fearlessness, Ellie beautifully describes OCD and how it has affected her life and the people around her in vivid, intricate detail.

The NoHo Arts Theater Review of
Photo by Jenny Graham

She occupied every corner of the stage, dancing, striding, energizing the atmosphere, sharing herself in a compelling and compelling way that made us love and admire her and appreciate how special she is. You will know whether it is

Whatever goes on inside that complex and fascinating mind of hers, I can tell you she possesses the kind of talent rarely seen on stage. have something special It’s the indefinable quality that makes you hang on to her every syllable, watch her every move, and want more.

The NoHo Arts Theater Review of
Photo by Jenny Graham

In the last few years of her life, she learned more and more about herself. She found her strength and center and even came out! yay! A good deal for a young woman who is at stake for the rest of her life. How wonderful it is to see flowers blooming, rockets flying to the stars, the calculation of life with so much to share and the wonderful ways to share it. She is expertly directed by Emily Mikolic.

I see great things in Ellie Brelis. A bright future indeed. Written with her brave heart and keen mind, this excellent show is just the beginning and we can’t wait to see what she does next!

Creative team:

Emily Mikolic (Director), Gavan Wyrick (Lighting Design), Gabriela Gilman (Costume Design), Charlie Glaudini (Sound Design), Nick Wass (Projection Design).


“Driver’s seat” until November 13
Friday and Saturday at 8 PM, Sunday at 3 PM


Theater 68 Arts Complex

5112 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91601



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