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Drew Barrymore On Monday’s episode, she proudly announced that she was trying to find the man of her dreams through online dating. The Drew Barrymore Show. During the “Drew News” portion of the show, the 47-year-old actress shared the photo she uses for her online dating profile and asked guests: Tony Dokpil When Nate Burleson Give her your candid opinion about the snapshot. The photo you can see in the clip below is a no makeup selfie taken from the bathroom. Drew’s natural brunette hair was parted down the middle and she wore pink and blue long sleeves.

“You guys are both straight and there aren’t many straight guys in my life, so I was excited to ask you guys. I’m gay 24/7,” excited. Drew said before showing the photos to them and her audience.

Audiences expressed sweet “awe” upon seeing the photo, with co-host Tony CBS Morning,Took a shower poison ivy acclaimed actress. “Look, I’m an unfrozen caveman when it comes to dating. I don’t understand modern dating. He’s been married for a million years, but if I saw that picture, he’d be 100.” % swipe right,” he pointed out. One of Tony’s co-hosts, Nate, also gushed in a fresh-faced photo. Drew did not reveal which dating apps she uses.

Drew has been very open about her love life in the past on her talk show, inviting two of her ex’s as guests on her. she had an ex Justin Long44, at the show to promote his new film savage, and they talked about their relationship out of necessity. “I love that we’ve kept our love alive, because from my end, I know it will never go away,” he said kindly. told her.

Drew replied teary-eyed. You are very important to me. The pair then rose from their seats and hugged, while Drew continued with his sentimental speech. I always wanted to prove to you that I was a different person than I was when I dated.

Drew also got emotional while being her first husband. Tom Green, Appeared in the first season of The Drew Barrymore Show in 2020.in the clip seen here, Tom, 51, lets Drew know his parents wish her well and is excited to see her embark on her new talk show journey. She quickly burst into tears, recalling a night at her parents’ lake house, where she was so ‘happy’. I congratulate you.” She then spoke about how their lives have changed over the past 20 years and how “getting together to check in and talk about it” has meant so much to her. Did.

Drew dated Justin from 2007 to 2010 and was married to Tom for a year from 2001 to 2002.

Meanwhile, on another 2020 episode of her hit talk show, Drew dating struggles at her age. “I’ve been stuck in that very mindset for the last five years: ‘I don’t have the bandwidth. I don’t know if I’m willing to open my address!'” she spouted. her guest today Jane Fondatold her there was plenty of time to find Mr. Light, don’t worry.

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