‘Dragon House’ Brings Back Old Rhaenyra in Episode 7

one of my (few) complaints House of the Dragon Ultimately, it was that I wasn’t crazy about the decisions they made in the mid-season time jump. The story takes place over a period of some 30 years, but it was a shame to lose young Laneira, such an outstanding actress as Millie Alcock. new Rhaenyra felt like a completely different character.

At least until the end of last night’s episode.

For a while, Rhaenyra’s new version of Emmy D’Arcy didn’t look like the sassy, ​​sly version of the character she saw in her younger years. Even though she is still the heir to the throne, she avoids conflict and tries to reconcile with Aricent, who has come to act like the former Raenira.

But it feels like things are finally changing. Raenira is reunited with Daemon after Aricent tricks him into making a spectacle of himself when he literally tries to cut the prince with a knife as revenge for his crippled son. Literally, they end up sleeping together, but also in terms of securing the power of the Targaryens and enforcing grandiose plans to strengthen Raenira’s claim.

Me largely Rhaenyra thought she would go to places that most hated her. In order to carry out this marriage plan with Damon, she killed her own newly devoted husband, but in the episode’s final moments, it’s revealed that that’s not what happened. It turns out that Laenor himself was involved in the scheme. They plant a corpse in the fire, he shaves his signature Bellarion Rock head, pretends to be dead and goes out to fight his boyfriend at Stepstone.

Meanwhile, the newly widowed Raenira and Damon marry. Yes, this is very gross, but it creates a powerful alliance that is hard to break. I’m also curious if the two will have children together, and if those “pure” Targaryen children will attempt to claim the throne over the strong bastards. Please stop spoiling Book Reader.

Of course, Aricent isn’t finished. She still has her father, the Hand of the King, who is willing to fight for the crown, and she has Sir Christon. She has Shady McHarrenhull. She has more and more psychopathic children. And thanks to those children, she now has the world’s largest dragon. That’s… a formidable team.

It’s nice to see Rhaenyra finally doing a move similar to what the older version of the character would have done in the first five episodes. , I didn’t like this new version of her until last night.

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https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2022/10/03/house-of-the-dragon-gets-its-old-rhaenyra-back-in-episode-7/ ‘Dragon House’ Brings Back Old Rhaenyra in Episode 7

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