Does Damson Idris want to play James Bond?

Demson Idris has now joined the James Bond chat.

For years, there have been rumors about who will replace Daniel Craig in position 007 named Idris Elba. Now there may be another Idris for this role. Idris, Demson, Idris.

HipHollywood hit the purple track of the fifth season premiere Snowfall and caught up with the 30-year-old British actor.

Damson, who plays Franklin Saint in the drama FX, looked quite cheerful in a black Prada costume … so much so that we couldn’t help but ask if he was interested in playing Bond.

“I’ll say it’s an iconic character, I don’t know,” he said with a wide smile before asking if we thought he could play Bond. “You never know what might happen … you’ve heard that the first Hip Hollywood Bond is about to turn black.”

Back in January, Bond franchise producer Barbara Broccoli reacted slightly to the talk about Black Bond and rumors about Elba.

“We know Idris, I’m friends with him,” she said in a Deadline podcast. “He’s a great actor.”

Still we looked at Demson. His killer smile and dashing appearance have already earned him Zedi status on social media. He can also handle the action, thanks to the roles in Outside the wire (Netflix) and Traveler (Lionsgate), and he told us he’s a big fan of spy series Lupine.

So you think he has everything it takes to play James Bond? Sound in the comments.

Does Damson Idris want to play James Bond?

Source link Does Damson Idris want to play James Bond?

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