Dileep files a motion to dismiss the case after receiving bail in a sexual assault case

A week after the Kerala High Court received early bail, actor Dilip on Monday filed a motion to rescind the FIR in the case and, if that is not possible, transfer the case to the CBI. In his petition, Dilip said that there was no evidence against him in a new case, which was registered in the last week of December and arose due to a conspiracy between the investigator in the abduction of actress Buju Pavloz and Balachandrakumar with the full knowledge of Police Director General B. Sandh. me and the head of the crime department S. Sridget. The case of the attack on the Malayalam actress: Kerala HC gives early release to actor Dilip.

In his petition, he claims to be a victim of conspiracy, and since there is no evidence against him, the RIP in the case should be dismissed, and if that is not possible, the case should be referred to the CBR. A new revelation surfaced last December, and criminal police soon opened a new case, demanding an interrogation of the actor, his brother Anup, Suraj’s brother-in-law, Appu’s aide, alias Krishnadas, and a close friend of Buju Chengamanad, but last month himself in front of the investigative task force for three days. Dileep Assault Case: Kerala High Court transfers to the main court mobile phones made by actors and others.

The investigative team interrogated them from morning to evening for 33 hours, and after a large number of hearings last week, Dilip and his aides received bail. Throughout the trial in the case of prevention of bail, the prosecution resolutely kept the actor and his assistants in custody, which was strongly opposed by the actor’s lawyer. The heroine from southern India complained that in 2017 she was abducted and sexually assaulted by a gang of thugs, and some scenes were filmed to blackmail her. After the main accused Sunil was arrested and interrogated, Dilep was accused of appearing as the main conspirator in the case and arrested.

According to the indictment, Dilip, who is now under a restraining order after spending two months in prison in 2017, also saw a video of the attack on the actress. The new case was filed after his former friend and director Balachandrakumar announced that he would dismiss several police officers investigating the 2017 kidnapping of the actress.

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Dileep files a motion to dismiss the case after receiving bail in a sexual assault case

Source link Dileep files a motion to dismiss the case after receiving bail in a sexual assault case

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