Did Tamara and Brent from Australia get married at first sight together?

Season 9 Married at first sight in Australia in February this year is revived for E4, and one of the couples getting married on the show – Tamara Djordjevic and Brent Vitiela.

Tamara and Brent were one of the first couples to get married in the season, which originally premiered on the Nine Network on January 31, 2022, and now they are testing the experiment.

As the season approaches the fourth week of Down Under, as it kicks off in the UK, the couple has already held some commitment ceremonies, so you may be wondering if Married at first sight Australia couples are still together.

That’s all we know so far about Tamara and Brent.

Who Tamara Djordjevic?

Age: 29

Instagram: @tamara__djordjevic__

Tamara is an operations manager from Queensland, Gold Coast.

Confident, confident, cheeky and open, she describes herself as an alpha personality.

Who is Brent Wittel?

Brent married at first sight in Australia

Age: 33

Instagram: @brentleon_

Brent is a hospitality manager from Sydney, New South Wales. He cannot tolerate pretentious people and considers himself genuine, sensitive and non-judgmental. He wants this in a partner, but there is one very serious violator of the deal that is not negotiable: his wife must have well-groomed legs. If she doesn’t have beautiful legs, it could mean the end of the relationship!

Is Tamara Djordjevic and Brent Vitela still together?

29-year-old Tamara and 33-year-old hospitality manager Brent didn’t start it all.

The duo shared a very awkward kiss, and Brent called his wife a “psychopath.”

However, the couple managed to turn everything into something more promising, and they decided to stay together at the end of the first and second commitment ceremonies.

In an interview with New Idea, Brent described how they managed to save their relationship, saying: “I know it was a little vague at first, but I was determined. If it is like that, I will win.”

He added: “She really came and it was nice to see it and it made it a lot easier for both of us.”

The couple is still following each other on social media, so for the two it looks pretty good.

We’ll find out if they managed to get to the end of the experiment if the process continues, and we’ll keep you posted as soon as we find out anything.

Married at first sight in Australia season 9 begins on E4 on Monday 21 February at 7.30pm. Visit our Teleguide to see what else tonight, or check out ours Entertainment hub.

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Did Tamara and Brent from Australia get married at first sight together?

Source link Did Tamara and Brent from Australia get married at first sight together?

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