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Where do you start praising Tiruchitlambaram? That casting is so fitting it makes me wonder why more films in India don’t think of unorthodox casting. Veteran filmmaking as Dhanush’s grandfather One Bharati Raja is a masterstroke.

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What is Dhanush doing in movies like man in grayThe West doesn’t really need him.? I need him here. His presence in our cinemas adds a gleam of adventure to the average movie, even if the language spoken is Tamil. ! For my time and money, Dhanush does exemplary but inconsistent work.

I have to confess that I didn’t like Dhanush’s last four movies. potato tandhirum AtlangireMarlan When man in grayThe last movie he was in his element was Kernan. Tiruchitrumbalam Not only is it the loveliest film of the year, but it’s probably the most successful film of Dhanush’s career. Success isn’t about the box office (the movie took off by storm).

I’m talking about the flexibility of the plot and the spectrum of audience appeal this movie reaches.

where to start complimenting TiruchitrumbalamThat casting is so apt it makes me wonder why more films in India don’t consider unorthodox casting. Veteran filmmaker Bharati Raja as Dhanush’s grandfather is a masterstroke.? Without a doubt, Raja is excellent. But this is the kind of movie where it’s easy to mistake a character for a performance.

How do you know if you will shine forever Nithya Menen Is she really as attractive as she looks? Her dialogue, the scene with her best friend Dhanush, and the relationship between Dhanush’s grandfather and father (the ubiquitous and ever-reliable Prakash Raj) are very compelling, connected, and the writer-director’s work. I feel like I’m showering hosannas on Mithran R Jawahar. A rom-com cuteness in time to explore the darker, more explicit sides of the whole myth of perfect love.

Is it possible for men and women to be close friends without sex creeping into the equation? No, Rob Reiner famously said When Harry met Sally (Not to be confused with Imtiaz Ali. jab Harry Met Sejal). Tiruchitrumbalam It seems to suggest the same thing: men and women cannot remain companions unless their relationship goes somewhere else.

Dhanush and Nithya Menen as the girl and boy next door are designed to be lovable.Their bickering with Dhanush’s Patham and her protective vibes reminded me of Cajor Karan Johar’s Kuchikuchi Hota Sea, That film conveniently desexualized Kajol’s Simran. She has hidden her true feelings for Passam from him and herself for so long that a serious excavation is required to get to the core of that mutual love.

The second half is too cinematic and too romantic, and while there are certainly some genuinely likable moments when characters are brought to the village at a family wedding, it nonetheless leaves a pleasing impression. Isn’t that a digression… And really, the climax of the airport? what next? Settlement at the last minute? I understand that too.

The banal chain of situations does not detract from the original freshness of the film. Yes, cliche, but nothing corny. For me, the life and soul of this film is the intimate relationship between grandfather, father, and son, and how the intense tension between father and son is resolved.

The part of the film where Patham and his best friend Shobana face class snobs is brilliantly joking.Reminds me of Mansur Khan Joe Geeta Wohi SikandarDhanush says no Aamir KhanDhanush is much better.

Subhash K Jha is a Patna-based film critic who has been writing about Bollywood long enough to know the Bollywood industry thoroughly. He tweets at @SubhashK_Jha.

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