‘Devil’s Prey’ Takes in $3 Million Friday as Oscar Contenders Struggle

A large-scale Halloween movie has already been screened, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Two weeks later, it’s another quiet weekend for newcomers to the domestic box office. One new wide release is Lionsgate’s long delay. devil’s preyThe PG-13 horror flick earned $660,000 in Thursday previews, and an additional $2.83 million on Friday. This suggests an opening weekend of over/under $7 million in 2,450 theaters, broadly in line with cautiously optimistic projections. Considering the relative lack of rumors, expected lousy reviews (17% and 3.6/10 on Rotten Tomatoes), an unstarred cast, and a grueling season of competition, this is far from a barnburner. Even so, it’s a moral victory. The film received a C+ from Cinemascore. That’s about as good as it gets for a low-key horror movie, but I think it’ll be ancient history by the time it hits PVOD in a few weeks.

United Artists expands to 3rd frame to semi-wide release. The critically acclaimed, Oscar-winning drama earned him $1.03 million in 2,058 theaters. This suggests an average of $1,351 per theater, or $2.78 million (+665%) per weekend for a total of $3.607 million over 17 days. Unless it becomes a truly must-see film for Oscar watchers and relevant general audiences, and that could be the case if Danielle Deadweiler is nominated for Best Actress, the domestic finish is 1,000. With all due respect, viewers wanting a big studio flick for/from/by/about an empowered black hero will get an MCU sequel in two weeks. To be fair, I say this with zero judgment, but I saw Nate Parker in 2016 when he was much discussed as well. birth of a nation Neglected in favor of Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington’s love of popcorn was justifiably angry Magnificent Seven remake.

Similarly, rave reviews and social media rhetoric aside, Cate Blanchett’s tar I would have said so in 1994. I am old enough to remember that critics and reviewers decried the lack of the theater business. quiz show When Ed Woodeven if at the time at least people were showing up pulp fictionA 2.5-hour melodrama about skeletons in closets and chickens returning to their roost, from a world-renowned top conductor, expands to 940 theaters in its third weekend and hits $340,000 Friday. I earned it. This points the release of Focus Features towards his million dollar weekend. That makes the Best Actress frontrunner (so far) averaging just $920 per theater, or $2.5 million in total over 17 days.of the searchlight Inishin’s Banshee Expanding to 59 theaters over $440,000 (+139%) weekend, averaging $7,458 per theater.

Focus function Armageddon time Debuted in five theaters yesterday, to disinterested results. Starring Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Strong, and Anthony Hopkins, James Gray’s ’80s-set melodrama tries to be a little less nostalgic than the subgenre’s usual.But if such a (roughly autobiographical) coming-of-age drama breaks out commercially, it’s Steven Spielberg’s favermans Thanksgiving weekend. Armageddon time It earned $35,000 on Fridays, averaging over $78,000 weekends and $13,000 per theater.No one expects a lot of money from a movie like sorrow triangle ($2.24 million over 24 days) or Decision to move out ($794,000 after 17 days). Still, I’m curious to see which of this season’s award nominees can earn at least as much as David O. Russell’s mega-bomb. Amsterdam ($15 million) or Phobias 2 (over $7.7 million).

https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2022/10/29/box-office-prey-for-the-devil-nabs-3-million-friday-as-oscar-contenders-struggle/ ‘Devil’s Prey’ Takes in $3 Million Friday as Oscar Contenders Struggle

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