Despite Backlash, ‘Dahmer’ Makes Netflix History

Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan DAHMER – MONSTERS: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer. Since its premiere on September 21st, limited-edition series have made Netflix history.

The 10-episode series has only been out for two weeks, but has already become one of the streamer’s most successful shows of all time. Dahmer Topped English TV lists for the second straight week with 299.84 million hours watched, becoming the second most-watched English-language series in a single week stranger 4.


Additionally, the series has reached 496.05 million hours watched in just 12 days, placing it at number 9 on the most popular list. In an email to the media, the streamer said there was a lot of talk last week about how much time spent watching on Netflix leads to huge viewership (total viewing time divided by the show’s running time). admitted.

This week, Netflix made the following calculations Dahmer. There were a total of 496 million hours watched divided by the series’ total runtime of 8.8 hours. In less than two weeks he concluded that 56 million households watched the series.

it’s not surprising Dahmer The popularity is soaring in the second week. In his first week, it debuted at the top of the English TV shows list with over 196 million hours watched, making it the most-watched title in its first week. It also ranked in the top 10 in 92 countries.


but, not everyone is happy what many people see. Some victims’ families fear the series has ended, and their anger has sparked an online backlash.

There have been allegations that the series is cruel and hurting families all over again. was very painful to see himself portrayed in the series.

Rita Isbell’s younger brother, Errol Lindsay, was a victim and her family was never contacted, she said. why is she angry about her on-screen portrayal. “I never heard back about the show. I feel like Netflix should have asked if we care or how we felt about making it. They just did it, but I’m not hungry for money, that’s what this show is about, and Netflix is ​​going to get paid.”


She discussed the scene with the actress who portrayed her when she made a victim impact statement at Dahmer’s 1992 sentencing. “If I didn’t know better, I would have thought it was me. Her hair was like mine. She wore the same clothes. That’s why I felt like doing it all over again. That’s how I felt at the time.” All my emotions came back.”

The other member of the Isbell family, Eric, Recent viral tweets It explains the pain his family is going through. “They don’t notify the family when they do this. It’s all a public record, so you don’t have to notify (or pay!) anyone. My family will find out when everyone else finds out.” So when they say they are doing this “in honor of the victims” or “to respect the dignity of their families,” no one contacts them. My cousin wakes up every few months at this point with a ton of calls and messages and knows there’s another Dahmer Show. ”

From an artistic standpoint, the series is a masterpiece, but there’s no denying that its eerie details make it difficult to digest. Between 1978 and his 1991, Dahmer took the lives of his 17 victims in the most gruesome ways. In some ways it’s so dark and disturbing that it’s hard to see.


just as difficult No You can watch it along with a stunning performance by Emmy Award winner Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer. Richard Jenkins perfectly portrays his father, Lionel Dahmer, who tried to help his son but turned a blind eye to many red flags over the years. Molly Ringwald gets a stunning makeover as Shari, Dahmer’s stepmother. And last but not least, Niecy Nash is spectacular as Dahmer’s frustrated neighbor Glenda Cleveland. He repeatedly called the police to report foul odors coming from her apartment and loud noises that she determined were people being killed.

Sadly, she was repeatedly ignored and he was allowed to continue killing. Law enforcement has failed on many levels. He was a white man living in an underserved and marginalized community. His victims were overlooked in a legal system rife with systemic racism, homophobia and institutional failure, and blatant disregard for those he supported and targeted. Many of these issues still exist today, and this series puts the spotlight on the younger generation.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/danafeldman/2022/10/04/despite-the-backlash-dahmer-makes-netflix-history/ Despite Backlash, ‘Dahmer’ Makes Netflix History

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