Designer Nachiket Barve Wins National Award

when natiquette barb‘s name was announced as the winner of the National Award for Best Costume ofTanhajI have to say that a few months ago I was completely nonchalant about it. Without (there hasn’t been a major movie since), Barve’s costume is just a parable and should become a piece of history…even a book.

Last weekend, Barve traveled to New Delhi to receive an award from India’s new president, Droupadi Murmu. The award may have permeated protocol, but for Barve, 41, a designer very close to her craft roots, it was momentous. She was supposed to be in attendance from 5pm to 6:47pm, which is exactly how long the ceremony lasted. Everyone, down to the smallest tech, shared the same platform and equal space on stage, which really brought an otherwise unknown hero to the fore,” he says.

An interview with designer Naticket Barb about winning the Top Notch National Award

Tanhajis a remarkable oeuvre, a period film with excellent CGI that chronicles the attempts of Maratha warrior Tanaj Marsaleh to retake Fort Kondana from Aurangzeb and his trustee Udaiban Rasoleh. . “This film is a love affair, and for me it was a bold and risky decision. I wanted to take my knowledge of craft and design in a better way and turn actors into characters,” he laughs. is created. His wife Savitri (Kajor) was the wife of a leader, but she was not of royal family, so Karnataka had sarees of Irkal, Hubli and Darwa. He also created (a combination of) the Maharashtrian Sharu. Benarasi and Pattani), never before seen in the movies. and jewelry from a family whose ancestors worked in Shivaji’s court, and made him wear his 400-year-old cast.

Shivaji, played by Sharad Kelkar, could not wear Zardoji- or Mughal-style royal clothing.of Dakai Murumuru, Jamdanis Ikat belonged to Aurangzeb, played by Luke Kenny. “And Saif, who played Rathore of Rajasthan, carries it all with such confidence,” adds Bab.

Barve’s seamless outfit gave him an appointment for the future. AdiprushWhen Hal Hal MahadevThey’re also a fine foil for his eponymous fashion label, which flaunts some of the best Indian embroidery to see. But it’s an open field: costume design is a team effort and a director’s vision,” he says.

Barve’s intrusion into the costume came from his family’s friends, the Bachchan family. Jaya Bachchan once suggested his Amitabh Bachchan style for a jewelry advertisement. He took Tanishuk and Kalyan jewelers with them. “Mrs Bachchan is such an institution with so much taste and so much to learn.” Gusari” and “Ani Dr. Kashinat Ganekar” ads.

And, of course, it was the styling of Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s “Oo antava” song that got the most attention. “She was like a preening peacock in a work of blues and greens and mirrors,” he describes her diminutive lehenga her choli in the sensational song. Barve’s roots are firmly rooted in design, a lesson learned from the legendary National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad.

“NID was life-changing for me. I was born into a family of doctors, but they were raised in a middle-class family. She had two blouses, one black and one white, and bought a sari from Dadar: “Even though I didn’t grow up around French chiffon, my I only dream about fashion so the nurse must have dropped me on my head NID spoke my language it was my wavelength I thought I found my planet It was all about science meeting art, thinking meeting systems, and finding solutions through design.”

He also won a scholarship and was sent to Paris for a year to work for Celine, owned by LVMH. And he won his Woolmark International as a finalist in Asia and the Middle East.

Nachiket Barve believes fashion should accomplish three things. It’s about bringing joy to the wearer, talking about the times when fashion lives, being timeless, and celebrating what the human hand can do. Barve conveys this message through its apparel lines and film outfits.

Top Notch’ is a bi-weekly column in which journalist Namrata Zakaria explores the fashion world’s elite and knowledgeable clubs.

Namrata Zakaria is a seasoned writer and editor and chronicler of social and cultural trends. Her first book about the late fashion designer Wendell Rodricks’ Moda Gore Museum will be published soon. Her Zakaria is especially known for her insider take on fashion, luxury and social entrepreneurship in India. Her writing has been acclaimed for shaping opinion, smashing myths, making a reputation and sometimes wrecking her odd career.Zachariah is also charitable in the areas of economic and environmental sustainability. I am also involved in coordinating activities.

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