Debbie Johnson worries fans: Will she move in with Tony? What’s Audrey’s deal?

this week’s Episode of 90 days: single lifeDebbie Johnson was at a crossroads.

She very suddenly found herself without a new place to live and the deadline to move was looming.

Her new man made an offer, but Debbie wasn’t sure.

Viewers see things the Colt way — which tells you how serious this is.

in this season 90 days: single lifeDebbie Johnson’s return to the dating world hit paydirt.

She met Tony in person. he is like her

Sparks flew immediately. Debbie wanted her to invite her to her hotel room, and she did.

Debbie and Tony are older. For some, that means clinging to outdated standards of meaningless shame and unnecessary propriety.

For these two nearly 70-something lovers, that meant knowing better than wasting time on either side.

It started with a kiss. But things went further.

With more and more going on in the franchise’s recent seasons, production has lasted as long as possible.

Debbie and Tony’s steamy makeout session headed to their hotel bed.

This is where viewers left them. in a passionate embrace.

Clearly, Debbie was overjoyed at Tony’s visit. And with their hot, heavy hookups. It’s been too long.

Tony couldn’t stay there forever. he had to go home.

Debbie was alone again. And she soon found herself back in reality, where she faced problems and looming deadlines.

Luckily, Debbie’s friend Audrey had offered to live with them for a while. It is good, is not it?

In a sad twist, Audrey withdrew her offer on the grounds that Debbie’s cat broke the deal.

We continue to be puzzled that Debbie’s cat was somehow a surprise. Her fans have a lot of questions.

Viewers flocked to social media to express their embarrassment at Audrey.

To a woman who was probably Debbie’s friend, she didn’t seem particularly friendly.

Others noted that she seemed downright bitter that Debbie had found happiness.

When Debbie shared her dilemma with Tony, he suggested a solution.

He reminded her that Debbie would be visiting him soon.

Tony reminded her that neither of them are 20 years old. They don’t have time and they don’t have to wait. she could live with him.

Debbie is shocked that Tony invited her to move out.

Her son, Colt, stopped by for a visit.

For once, fans saw the way Corty did it. Perhaps there’s a bit of wisdom hidden in his wizard beard.

Colt felt understandably protective of his mother. Despite their dysfunctional relationship, he wants what’s best for her.

Technically, Debbie was able to move in with him and Vanessa, but trying to set boundaries left her hurt and confused.

Debbie turned the conversation to her cat’s needs. Colt watches them while she visits Tony.

However, it was a reminder that Colt had known these cats his whole life and didn’t need her notes.

He reminded her that he was a grown adult. This is a topic of discussion in many of their fights.

Debbie didn’t want to fight, so she hugged him goodbye and kicked him out. She did the same in production, but without the hug.

Many viewers want to hug Debbie. She is in a difficult situation. That’s unfair in many ways.

It seems premature to move in with Tony permanently.

Some suspect that Colt and Vanessa will be moving in with Audrey for a while, watching the cat until she finds a place.

https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2022/10/debbie-johnson-worries-fans-will-she-move-in-with-tony-what-is-audreys-deal/ Debbie Johnson worries fans: Will she move in with Tony? What’s Audrey’s deal?

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