Death in Paradise Season 12 | The star unfolds when filming begins

Death in Paradise Season 11 may have just ended on BBC One, but after what Spectators of the final will want to know when they return to St. Mary’s.

Well, talking exclusively with RadioTimes.comCommissioner Selwin Patterson’s actor Don Warinton has revealed that the cast will soon travel to Guadeloupe, which is also a fictional St. Mary’s.

Warinton said: “We’re still in England, we haven’t started yet. I think we’ll start sometime in May. That’s why I don’t know what we will do when we leave. “

While we don’t have a release date for the new season, a Christmas special has been confirmed, and the show has stuck to a January release date of Season 2, so we’re looking forward to seeing Death in Paradise Season 12 follow the same schedule.

Actors Ralph Little, Don Warinton, Elizabeth Burgin, Taj Miles, Chantol Jackson and Ginny Holder are back.

Warrinton also spoke about shocking season finale the commissioner’s ex-wife appeared unexpectedly.

He explained: “He doesn’t know what to think. It’s a shock. It’s the last person he expected to see. And why should she be when he’s busy? It’s an absolute shock. He just doesn’t know what to think.”

This season was emotional: the heroine of Josephine Jaber DS Florence Cassel left St. Marie forever.

To learn more about where the hit series is being shot, check out our A Guide to Placing Death in Paradise.

Additional report by Abby Robinson.

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Death in Paradise Season 12 | The star unfolds when filming begins

Source link Death in Paradise Season 12 | The star unfolds when filming begins

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