David Beckham has 12 hours in line to meet the Queen

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David Beckham joined a bevy of mourners, including celebrities, who came out to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and see the monarch lying in Westminster Hall.

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Beckham waited 12 hours to pay his respects. BBC The joint experience, which “celebrates the wonderful life of our Queen,” is “intended to be shared together.”

Former Prime Minister Theresa May It’s been found Bow to the Queen’s coffin on Thursdays.

ITV Presenter Susannah Reid Said She waited over seven hours before entering Westminster Hall on Thursday.

Reality TV star Sharon Osbourne Said She came to see the Queen’s coffin procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall on Wednesday.

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Queen Elizabeth will rest in Westminster Hall until her funeral on Monday. The line to visit her stretches over 5 miles and lasts 14 hours.this is Be expected 75,000 people coming to pay her respects. King Charles II will hold a vigil in front of his mother’s coffin on Friday. BBC on air live stream of the lying state of the queen.

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On Monday, the Queen’s coffin will be taken from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey by state artillery car for her funeral. About 2,000 people are expected to attend, including President Joe Biden. Her Queen’s coffin will be taken to Windsor Castle and buried next to her parents and her late husband Prince Philip.


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https://www.forbes.com/sites/marisadellatto/2022/09/16/david-beckham-stands-in-line-for-12-hours-to-see-queen/ David Beckham has 12 hours in line to meet the Queen

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