David Beadle is no longer divorced from wife Leslie, wife Leslie claims

very recently, David Beadle filed with his estranged wife Leslie Ann Cook In less than two years together.

The news was a surprise. For many, it seemed sudden and without the usual social media ‘hints’.

Was it true? yes. he filed for divorce.

However, Leslie now says David has filed for divorce papers to be dismissed. It looks like they are together.

On Wednesday, September 21st, Lesley Beador posted both a story and a public post to Instagram.

“My husband filed a request for dismissal a few days ago,” she claimed to her fans and followers.

In both posts, she told her followers:

As we previously reported, David Veeder filed for divorce from Leslie, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

He filed for divorce just last week, Thursday, September 15th.

This has probably been a tumultuous few days for the couple, and Leslie seems to want to put this behind them.

David Vider gets engaged
David Vider is engaged. He poses here with his polarizing fiancé, Leslie Cook.

By the way, David lists September 15th as the separation date.

They split up and David seems to have applied to end the marriage very abruptly.

With his wedding anniversary coming up next month, October 15, he filed for divorce just 23 months after his wedding day.

David Veeder and Leslie Ann Cook
Leslie Ann Cook, who is now going by Leslie Veeder, shared this photo of her spending quality time with her love and now husband, David Veeder.

David and Leslie got married in 2020.

Well, I guess they can celebrate their second anniversary in a few weeks.

It may be a little embarrassing.

Greek David Viedor and Leslie Cook
David Beador took his girlfriend Lesley Cook on a vacation to beautiful Greece. Some even believe David posed the question.

Admittedly, divorce is hard work.

This process is expensive and involves an enormous amount of grief and emotional labor.

A labor that apparently spared themselves by being allegedly reconciled.

David Vider, Leslie Cook, Baby Anna
Real Housewives of Orange County alum David Vieder and his new wife Leslie Ann Cook are holding a newborn baby, Anna Vieder.

“The full nature and extent of the petitioner’s separate property must be determined,” the divorce petition read.

The decision was to be made “at the time of trial or settlement.”

“Given the very short-term marriage,” David’s filing reads, “There are nominal communal assets and liabilities.”

David Veeder and Leslie Cook
This is Leslie Cooke, this is David Veeder. The couple made headlines in 2018, as the latter began dating the former after splitting from Shannon Beedall.

David said in his divorce petition that they had a premarital affair.

It was signed a few days before the wedding, and seems to make the division of property and assets very easy.

Had the divorce gone through, Leslie may not have made much of a profit.

Leslie Cook and David Beadle go hand in hand in Greece
Leslie Cooke and boyfriend David Beadle joined hands to adventure through Greece’s gorgeous ruins.

Most importantly, David and Lesley are parents.

Nineteen months ago, the two welcomed Anna Love Beadle.

She will be 2 years old next February 5th. David had sought joint physical and legal custody of her. Well, that question is debatable.

https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2022/09/david-beador-no-longer-divorcing-wife-lesley-wife-lesley-claims/ David Beadle is no longer divorced from wife Leslie, wife Leslie claims

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