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A serial killer thriller targeted at critics – I had a good laugh when I learned about the theme. Chat!artist’s revenge Because it sounded more like a particular filmmaker’s fantasy than a movie concept.back to director interview Rohit Shetty He said he sees critics as “frustrated people” and “vultures”, adding: Go to jail for a day. ” (sauce: Adventures of a brave film critic)

Yeah, the subject matter is serious, but it’s subconsciously funny. For the record, Chat! not directed by Rohit, R. Balki (Shamitabh, Ki & Ka, pad man) also wrote stories. Screenplay and dialogue by Balki, Raja Sen and Rishi Virmani. The foreground mystery is spun as an homage to cinematic icons. Guru Dat Whose Carga’s Ke Fool (1959), famously beaten down by critics and rejected by audiences, achieved cult status decades later. He never officially directed a film again, but is rumored to have ghost directed the films he made in the years that followed before his tragic death in 1964.

Guru Dutt’s Biography Is Made For Film, But It’s Not Chat! teeth. However, the story features elements from the filmmaker’s life, making explicit references to his work, and drawing inspiration from the legends of the deceased for its technique and narrative style.

Mumbai Senior Police (Sunny Deol) of Chat! You’re desperately trying to solve a series of gruesome murders of movie critics. While he was conducting his investigation, in the same city a young journalist called Nila (Shreya Dhanwanthary) dreams of becoming a critic. Nira meets a florist (Darka Salman) and they are immediately attracted to each other.

in the first half of Chat!, Balki manages to create an atmosphere of intrigue, a deliberately languid pace that contrasts with the urgency of the police mission, Vishal Sinha’s cinematography complements Guru Dutt’s play of light and shadow. reminds me.A score composed of works and songs from memorable old Hindi films jane kyatung kahiThe suspense ensues for some time after the killer’s identity is revealed much sooner than expected.

Nonetheless, with the love story writing at the heart of these proceedings, the film’s grip loosens considerably as it progresses. Chat! It’s not built purely as a mystery or police procedural, its impact rests heavily on the allure of Nila’s gradual bonding with her handsome boyfriend.But the scenes with them seem more focused Looking When ringing More like an old world screen romance than Feeling right. Shreya and Dharkar are both capable of great acting, but the emotional resonance they may have achieved is overshadowed by the director’s obsession with atmosphere and appearance.

The starting point of their affair is unpleasant. When she is still only a guest, he follows her home and one day arrives at her house with a bouquet of flowers. Wary of him, she invites him over, as almost every woman I know does.

Chat! Get other things right. Although its criticisms are largely spot on, featuring financially corrupt critics, people who act like astrologers predicting the box office of movies, and people who don’t know enough about movies, All this without mocking condescending lectures and individual critics. Or satirize work. Chat! It portrays the overwhelming majority of Mumbai/Hindi film critics as male, but that’s not reality.

In an era when Christians disappeared from Hindi cinema, Chat! gives us a rare protagonist of this religious minority, also a man who sheds the Christian stereotype of pre-1990s Hindi films.Appearance in the second half Chat! The story of another key Christian character who is an alcoholic gave me pause, rather than a fellow who fits the old template of Tony the Drunk, with an open shirt and a large cross on his chest. , drinking problems.Hamgod Sevolta” When “Ham Play Karenga”.

The leading lady is South Indian and seems to be of mixed race. Another major player’s name suggests that she is Percy.

That said, Pooja Bhatt’s character has a grossly politically incorrect, fat and shameful account of how she arrives at the killer gender. I don’t know if you agree or not, but the point was that I sorely missed the American series’ intelligent way of writing dialogue. criminal mind It focuses on serial killers. Pooja’s Zenobia, who specializes in serial killer research, gets some of the film’s lameest lines, and her acting makes them even more awkward.

Sunny Deol is unusually restrained Chat! to GadarA moment of esque that ruins everything for him and is strangely out of character for the cop he plays.

Chat! It never goes beyond a theoretically interesting concept entirely. At one point, Nila makes a crucial career decision that logically should have had a strong impact on the killer’s plans, but surprisingly, despite the build-up, it doesn’t. And while this revelation about personal motivation is clearly meant to move, I’ve found myself having a hard time caring.

flat Chap‘s cuteness wears off early on. VK Murthy’s lighting and cinematography always set the mood for the film, giving the characters an aura and a glow on their faces. Chat! The pre-interval part achieves the former, but without the same visual result. And finally, the effort strains when Dharkar is asked to recreate Guru Dutt’s body language and poses from a well-remembered scene.

Chup Revenge of the Artist Movie Review Dulquer Salmaan Is Better Than His Hindi Film Choices

Known to fans as a young superstar, DQ has made some excellent choices in Malayalam cinema during his decade-long career.he is better than anyone hindi movies he did Despite its positive ChapThe desire for grandeur is far less compelling than its unusual themes suggest. It wasn’t rooted solely in visual and musical beauty, but in his ability to use both to capture his characters’ pain, mischief, sense of humor, love, and longing. sympathy. In contrast, Chat! It feels detached and disengaged from the characters.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Chat!The artist’s revenge is now in theaters

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