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From left: Gregory Darling, Gregory’s son Sonny, and Julian Lennon.Property of Gregory Darling

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Julian Lennon It released its seventh album on Friday, September 9, 2022, and released the brand name ‘Jude’ after the famous Beatles song ‘Hey Jude’. To mark this release, Lennon appeared on KTLA’s Morning His News with Sam He Rubin from afar.

Seeing a project like ‘Jude’ come to life is like giving birth, and it comes with a touch of pride. The NFTF heard about the project from mega-manager Vicky Hamilton.

Rubin did a great job with this interview, but to be honest, the NFTF was a little worried. Because he compared Taylor Swift to the Beatles a while ago and we told him to stick with TV and movies and leave the music to us…lol. I heard a few things in

Lennon inserted a bit of candid shyness into the interview, but it was refreshing and interesting. It was when we said change and our jaws hit the floor. What? Wasn’t your first name legally Julian until 2020?

Lennon also stated that he had no intention of recording again.

“Jude” is highly stylistic, as it flows like a gentle river meandering into other uncharted territory, and Lennon’s cool, crisp voice melds beautifully with all the musical layers. , the progression is just as perfect as the structure of the composition. It’s woven into “Lucky Ones” and “Save Me.”

A masterpiece of composition that recalls the fact that Julian is John Lennon’s son, both musically and biologically. These songs give his NFTF a sense of the natural transcendence that would have happened had John Lennon lived longer. There is no doubt in the minds of the NFTF on that point.

Old Gregory Darling and Vicky Hamilton. Ah, those “Hollywood Nights.”Property of Gregory Darling

“Save Me” was co-written by former Darling Cruel singer Gregory Darling, currently based in Prague, Czech Republic. “Lucky Ones,” which Darling co-wrote with four of his other songwriters, debuted at her No. 37 on Billboard. This is a testament to the weight of this project…”Jude” I must tell you that both of these songs gave me goosebumps from his NFTF…Goosebumps are the best compliment. Just ask Hamilton.

Darling recently co-wrote “Beautiful Cruel” with the breakout talent known as Ekro, and she happens to be Julian Lennon’s sister-in-law. Echlo has a very smooth, modern voice that makes her vocals sizzling the same way Sade is known to do with her styling. Additionally, Darling is working with Hamilton on a tentative project called Triggered, which will be released on her label, Dark Spark Music. Darling also sings along with the violin.

The voluptuous diva Ecro, who collaborated with Gregory Darling on “Beautiful Cruel.” Ekro’s property, which was an art collaboration with Dusty Dean.

Anyone under the NFTF roof must love music as much as the NFTF. Our cat Tonto is no exception. While playing Lennon’s “Jude”, Tonto put on a bottle cap and stopped playing at that spot and lay down where the music was playing and listened. On several occasions he made an “eeek” sound when he saw something that excited him. As the NFTF put on their headphones and turned the crank, Tonto began meowing angrily and swiping at us.

The NFTF hopes this is an indication of how acceptable “Jude” is.

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