Danny Jolles Creates Interactive Comedy Special on YouTube

Danny Jores prides himself on being something of a centrist when it comes to comedy, being able to find humor and understanding on both sides in many situations.

When choosehis FREE COMEDY SPECIAL LAUNCHING TODAY ON YOUTUBEJolles takes that sensibility to its logical extreme, creating a “choose your own adventure” approach that requires recording entire series of jokes on both sides of a series of problems, asking the audience which side to choose. I made it selectable. Watch the show unfold.

“Scientifically speaking, it was a nightmare to write,” Jolles said in a phone interview. “It was really hard. I won’t do it again, I’m sure.”

That said, the project accomplished what Jores set out to do. So it actually makes a special comedy special.

“On the deeper levels of stand-up comedy, specials used to be specials,” says Jolles. “Andy Kaufman did a performance going out for ice cream. Special did something special. We wanted to make something special, for better or worse.”

Jolles has been a comedian for over a decade as part of the sketch comedy troupe Sasquatch, and has also appeared in several TV shows as George on the CW series of longtime friend Rachel Bloom. Crazy ex-girlfriend. Jolles has also done a lot on social media, short clips and more.

Jolles keenly realized that comedians with their own specials could get a lucrative spotlight. Hence his previous comedy special, 2021Danny Jores in: The Sixth Part, Shot in six unlikely locations, equally ambitious in their own way.

It suffices to see the impelling influence that programming like this has had on the career arcs of comics like Eliza Schlesinger, Hannah Gadsby, and Jerrod Carmichael. However, the last few years have seen a flood of comedy-his projects across multiple services. It’s hard to survive the flood, especially when you create complex projects on a minimal budget and distribute them for free on YouTube.

So Jolles came up with an interactive approach that is very unique among comedy projects. He wrote and wrote and wrote and produced a long string of jokes on topics such as engagement, magician David Blaine, and high school. I figured out how to create continuity between two conflicting series of jokes. only occasionally

He’s not the first to choose an adventure show for himself.netflix
Came to prominence four years ago with an interactive episode of black mirror called bandersnatch. Other projects have been created for children’s shows and other genres, and Netflix continues to develop its own story lines.

In recording the special at a theater in Los Angeles, Jores recorded it twice in front of a live audience. It was explained if there was one, followed by the ‘Kon’ side. The second taping reversed the order.

The reaction from the audience upon learning of Jolles’ “both sides” approach was more than a bit of confusion at first.

On the relationship between the performers and the audience, Jaurès turned everything upside down, stating, “This is a betrayal of trust. I am loyal to you.” As he explains during the intermission, “It’s fun. By then they knew what I was doing. You can see it in their faces.”

Finally, Jolles reveals “fame”, a magician’s term for the payoff for a trick. In his case, it is something he strongly believes in, for which he is not vying for neutrality with both sides. And that’s a lesson about what matters.

“It speaks to the importance of actions, not words,” said Jolles. “What I proved in the special is that I can be on stage and say anything. Opinions change over time.”

https://www.forbes.com/sites/dbloom/2022/10/13/danny-jolles-sees-both-sides-now-in-interactive-comedy-special-on-youtube/ Danny Jolles Creates Interactive Comedy Special on YouTube

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