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Dane Cook50, revealed some details about his relationship with Kelsey Taylor23 is set to star in his latest stand-up special, he said yes!news He also brushed off the fact that he and Kelsey are 27 years apart. “If we can’t laugh at it, no one else can.”

Dane Cook & Kelsey Taylor
Dane Cook and fiancée Kelsey Taylor have been dating since she was 18. (MediaPunch/Shutterstock)

Kelsi is Good luck, Chuck Star green light to use their relationship As material for his new special, Dane Cook: Most of all. “She saw everything I was working on for the show,” he added. We even have some fun at our own expense. ” Dane also revealed that he’s got jokes ready for when they get married. I think I have a feeling get married Just kidding,” said the 50-year-old man. “So she got the exclusivity. We tried it and she said, ‘I approve of it. It’s a good one.’

of employee of the month The actor even shared what he thinks married life change his comedy for the better. “I think that will change, as I always wanted to grow up with a generation of comedy fans. “Their kids are coming to my show now,” Dane said. It feels like the right time.”

His latest special comes out just three months after his. posed a question to Kelsey after five years of dating. The couple started dating when Kelsey was just 18 and have been attached to their hips ever since. We shared sweet moments.

Kelsey also shares Photo She wrote in the post, “5 YEARS, BABY! Boyfriend, best friend, cheerleader, bringer of happiness, that’s my @danecook. Whether it’s a deep conversation or a night watching TV, I love you.” I love every second with.I’m not going to trade that for the world.Let’s have the sweetest day together!!I will always love you.” yes! what they are planning their weddinghe did not share the exact date of the significant date.

https://hollywoodlife.com/2022/10/05/dane-cook-27-year-age-gap-fiancee-kelsi-taylor/ Dane Cook Discusses 27-Year Age Difference With Fiancé Kelsey Taylor – Hollywood Life

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