D’Amelio Shaw: Dixie D’Amelio says she and Noah Beck broke up

Dixie D’Amelio When Noah Beck It gave their romance a rough patch.

in the middle of the second episode of d’Amelio showIn the second season, which aired on September 28, Dixie revealed that she and 21-year-old Noah had decided to call it quits after nearly two years of dating.

“Noah, I don’t know what’s going on with that,” Dixie, also 21, told her parents. Heidi When Mark D’Amelio“I feel very stressed about the whole situation. We haven’t talked much right now. We came to the conclusion that we shouldn’t talk a little bit, but we broke up.”

Dixie and Noah started dating in 2020, Noah shared a social media post to confirm their romance celebrate their one month anniversary.

However, it’s worth noting that the two were seen hanging out together More than once It’s been months since filming wrapped on the Hulu show’s second season earlier this year. In fact, Dixie recently denied that there were any signs of trouble between the two in August, decided not to post about each other, and that social media eventually ended up saying, “No matter what we do. , causing a lot of drama.” “

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