Dakota Johnson talked about working on the set

Hollywood actress Dakota Johnson talked about when she starred in the movie “Fifty Shades of Gray” from the franchise “Fifty Shades” with Jamie Dornan.

Talking about the author of “Fifty Shades” Eric Mitchell James in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine, Dakota said that during the filming of James, who was also the producer of the film, had complete “creative control”, which suppressed any new ideas, according to Deadline. According to Dakota, with James “it’s always been a battle” on set.

“She had a lot of creative control, all day, every day, and she just demanded that some things happen. There were parts of the books that just didn’t work in the movie, like the inner monologue, which was sometimes incredibly bad. Couldn’t say out loud. It’s always been a battle. Always, “the actor said” How to be lonely. ”

Dakota explained that sometimes the shooting procedure became so stressful that she had to rewrite the scenes for the film, according to Deadline. She called the experience a “break.”

“We did doubles of the movie that Erica wanted to do, and then we did doubles of the movie that we wanted to do. The night before, I rewrote the scenes with the old dialogue so I could add a line here and there. It was like chaos all the time,” he admitted. Asked if Dakota regretted being part of the Fifty Shades franchise, she disagreed, Deadline reports.

“I don’t think it’s a matter of regret. If I knew at the time what it would be, I don’t think anyone would have done it. It would have been, ‘Oh, it’s psychotic.’ But no, I I don’t regret it, ”the 32-year-old said.

The trilogy of fifty shades, namely “fifty shades of gray”, “fifty shades darker”, “fifty shades of freedom”, has become a cult classic for many. Since the release of the first film, both Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan have received critical acclaim for their performances. At the same time, if we talk about Dakota, she will next be seen in the movie `Madame Web`, the latest venture, which takes place in the universe of Marvel characters from Sony, along with Emma Roberts and Sidney Sweeney.

Dakota Johnson talked about working on the set

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