Cuteness and Mecha Prevail at ‘Smile Fest 2022 Tokyo’

After Wonder Festival 2022, summerGood Smile Company decided to make its own event with dubbing Smile Fest 2022 Tokyo. From cute Nendoroids to huge mecha toys, it’s clear that Good Smile Company is entering a new and bigger phase.

For many, Nendoroids are the Good Smile Company’s business card. Cute little figurines of various characters, Nendoroids have a huge following around the world. So, this is something that Good Smile Company has openly pointed out.

The real highlight of the Nendoroid was Galoliv figures, p Korone-chan being my personal favorite. Not least because she is avid fan Super robot wars and happily says “eekum bokum“.

In addition to Nendoroids, picture range is also very popular and quite a few gaming related figures have been shown. Of all Souls related images of new guyver 1 and some pretty nice entries for Metroid Dread.

The relationship with Nintendo is important for the figma releases because we’ve had all kinds of awesome Zelda and Metroid figures issued over the years. So I’m glad that this partnership continues.

However, the flip side of all the character figures were all the new toys and sets related to the mechanics. Since Hiro Tanaka has joined Good Smile Company, there was a significant increase in the company’s production related to mechanics. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to slow down any time soon, like legion Moderoid mecha set releases are definitely picking up pace.

However, the big reveal was powerful Hagane Works Dancouga (shown above) which was beautifully done according to Massami Obari updated design and correspondingly huge with it. Priced at ¥58,000 (or about $430), it will be a very popular buy among collectors when it launches next May.

All in all, there were plenty of demonstrations at Smile Fest 2022 in Tokyo, and it’s clear that Good Smile Company is becoming a much bigger player in the global toy and model industry.

Smile Fest 2022 at Tokyo Gallery

Date: August 6-7, 2022

Entrance fee: Free of charge

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Cuteness and Mecha Prevail at ‘Smile Fest 2022 Tokyo’

Source link Cuteness and Mecha Prevail at ‘Smile Fest 2022 Tokyo’

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