Criminal charges against Ludacris manager Chaka Zulu

Long time Ludacris The manager and co-founder of his record company, Chaka Zulu, was arrested after being charged with murder in a shooting at an Atlanta restaurant in June. Ludacris was not involved in violence. PEOPLE learned that the music mogul surrendered to authorities on Tuesday.

After being arrested for possession of a handgun or knife with intent to commit murder, aggravated assault, simple battery, and felonies, he posted bail the same day and was released on $200,000. Zulu, whose real name is Ahmed Obafemi, has been charged in connection with the shooting of Artez Jamil Benton during a brawl in June.

Obafemi’s attorney, Gabe Banks, said on PEOPLE’s release that his client was unhappy with his choice to arrest him as he was forced to defend himself after being attacked by at least four gangsters. Told.

Zulu is still recovering from near-fatal injuries sustained that night when he was shot in the back during the incident. Banks said Obafemi was perfectly legal to have fired the weapon in self-defense because Zulu was at his place of work that night and Obafemi was allowed to carry a firearm. claim.

Banks promises that his trust in the justice system to clear Obafemi from all allegations is unwavering. He said he was saddened by the move to arrest him because he was forced to defend himself after being attacked by a gang.

Zulu suffered a back injury in the shooting and was near death, but is now recovering. Banks claims that when Obafemi shot and killed Mr. Zulu in the store where he worked that night, he had the right to use lethal force to protect himself and his family.

Banks has promised that it believes Obafemi’s name will be restored through the court process.

https://celebrityinsider.org/criminal-charges-filed-against-chaka-zulu-ludacriss-manager-533276/ Criminal charges against Ludacris manager Chaka Zulu

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