CRAVITY Shares How They Want To Break Musical And K-Pop Industry Standards With ‘New Wave’ EP

With the release of CRAVITY’s new wave EP, a K-pop boy band, is not only undergoing a musical transformation, but we also see how they can shake up the industry’s preconceived notions.

After debuting in early 2020, nine-member CRAVITY has enjoyed consistent success, with all five releases selling over 150,000 copies worldwide and spawning multiple singles to date. I have accumulated a series of albums that I have. Now, the K-pop group wasn’t created to stay local, and even when she began her musical journey at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, she hoped to expand internationally with her CRAVITY vocals. has a global perspective from the beginning.

From the hip hop/pop sound of the debut single “Break all the rules” embrace house music “adrenaline” graceful reverie with “Veni Vidi Vici” CRAVITY has a broad musical horizon.Group’s latest initiatives new wave New singles “Party Rock” and “Boogie Woogie” spotlight the palpable energy directly brought by the young group, highlighting their most joyful and comforting states.

Speaking ahead of the album’s release during a stay in Los Angeles, CRAVITY said their “natural side” was emphasized more on the EP and played an active role in escaping pressure from the K-pop industry. Artistic involvement and ownership speaks to what international listeners are looking for, and tends to indicate that US fans are drawn to the act of being involved in the production and direction of music. I have. What sets their approach apart is definitely member Allen, the group’s rapper-dancer who grew up in Los Angeles, who doesn’t just take his word for it in CRAVITY’s music (including half the credits). ). new wave (songs including “Party Rock”) act as the primary spokesperson for the most English-speaking group abroad (translating and expanding on thoughts from bandmates). Allen’s confidence in CRAVITY’s unfolding path was contagious in the way he spoke and his onstage movements as his 23-year-old CRAVITY navigated through an aerial cartwheel at the end of the group’s performance at KCON 2022 in Los Angeles. increase.

Read more about Allen, Serim, Jungmo, Woobin, Minhee, Hyunjun, Wonjin, Taeyeon, and Sungmin new wavedates for their first concert, next steps together, and more.

Jeff Benjamin: This new era started with the release of our first English single “Boogie Woogie”. How was the recording process?

Allen: Recording in the studio was fun, really fun, and we were seriously thinking about how overseas fans would listen to this and have a blast with us. When it was first performed at the KCON Rookies showcase, everyone sang along. I wonder if it’s easy to sing because it’s English.

Taeyeon: We were so excited to finally release our single in English and we were really happy and having fun while recording for it. We hope our fans enjoy it as much as we do.

Minhee: Yes, releasing our first English single will allow us to connect with more global fans through the KCON stage.

Hyunjoon: Since our debut, we’ve always tried different genres and concepts, so it’s a bit difficult to find a different genre. But now, I think that this pop sound and the “boogie-woogie” sound are the most suitable for our group, and we can play along with it.

Jeff Benjamin: Does that mean more English music is coming?

Allen: We released Boogie Woogie around August because we knew we were coming to LA. We want to release this English single to surprise everyone and let them know who we are. . So definitely looking forward to liking more English songs and albums in the future. We met with the head of Universal Music Publishing Group. He gave us a lot of great insight into how important his records are to good hits for singers. If you know what I mean, no singer should be louder than their song. The bigger your name, the better your song should be. We will work hard no matter what is thrown at us to bring better music to our fans and spread positive energy through our music and performances.=

Jeff Benjamin: Great advice, great thinking.how do you incorporate all this into you new wave EP? Can this new way of thinking be introduced?

Wonjin: This album is really rock.

Allen: yeah, you have a lot of guitar sounds. There are many fun hand gestures like this in performance. With this ‘new wave’, I wanted to show more of a new side of CRAVITY, a whole new side, our natural side. In the early days it was “packaged” by the company for different images and concepts. What we can really do right now is a concept, an image, a vibe that really suits us.I think most of the songs on this album have a really bright sound.

Jeff Benjamin: Great. How do you make yourself appear more natural? Is it through production participation?

Allen: The opportunity to participate in this album has definitely increased. From the lyrics, composition, lyrics, composition, what kind of sound and what kind of theme do you want to talk about, we exchanged opinions like that.

Hyunjoon: You will definitely hear more about us.

Jeff Benjamin: It can be hard to immerse yourself in music, so thank you for taking the initiative. Like you said, how does it work to get a little more like control?

Allen: You feel like you should be in charge. you have to fight for it yourself. You can’t always tell the company what to do. We’ve been voicing a lot these days, and we’re trying to get more involved. In the past, I was often asked, “What concept or genre would you like to challenge in the future?” And when I was still making hip-hop and hard-hitting sounds, I said I wanted to do house. And then came back with “adrenaline”. After that, he said he wanted to do something like rock, and this time he came back with “Party Rock”. After releasing his first full-length album in two parts, this is definitely a new beginning. Starting with the 4th mini-album, it is the first mini-album that is not a trilogy. hideout series or something Liberty: In Our Cosmosit’s just new wave, by itself.

Jeff Benjamin: Which song are you looking forward to hearing from the fans?

Allen: This album “Knock Knock” has songs that I recorded when I started working on it. Awakening: Written in the Stars [album] In “gas pedal”. The song has been waiting to see the light of day, and now it finally shines. I think our fans will love him 100%.

Selim: Lyrics spoilers in V Live and private messages.

Jeff Benjamin: new wave Coming right after wrapping the KCON tour. How important was this experience in connecting with fans overseas?

Woobin: This was a very important tour, and it was the first time we played English songs and Korean songs in America as well.

Allen: One of the tour managers who was with us at KCON said that for K-pop artists to be successful in America, they have to actually come to America. You really had to put yourself out there. You can’t keep releasing music in Korea and hope people watch it like YouTube or just videos, right? We have to show and prove. That’s why this trip is so important to us, and we’re 100 percent dedicated to rocking every city, from San Francisco to New York.

Hyunjoon: The KCON Rookies Tour will be something of an official announcement that CRAVITY will take over the US

Jeff Benjamin: Looking forward to it, what are your goals for this year?

Minhee: I really want to go to street performance. On the beach, in Santa Monica, in Times Square, anywhere.

Sungmin: We want our song to win first place on music programs and rank high on charts so that many people can enjoy listening to it.

Taeyeon: And head to his year-end awards ceremony. I would like to be nominated and be able to actually participate.

Allen: As we get more mature, I always say all “I hope our members are happy, healthy, and continue doing what we love.” Now that it’s all over, reality is really starting to hit me and the results and numbers are catching up with me. That said, I know our fans love everything and will always give unconditional love and support. We really appreciate that and it’s what keeps us going. But I really hope we can prove it statistically and show everyone else that we are also a worthy competitor.

Jeff Benjamin: What does that perception look like?

Allen: To be honest, getting #1 on a music show is a big deal right now, or even just getting on the music charts. Honestly, I appreciate everything, but I don’t want to be satisfied so easily, right? It might be like the triple crown, or you might get multiple all-kills, but I think you should always strive for something bigger. , let’s work on what we think we might be able to achieve in the near future.

Jeff Benjamin: Selim, as the leader of such an ambitious group, where is your head pointing towards these greater ambitions?

Selim: Rather than me being the leader, our members tend to follow me, respect me, and see me as the leader of the group. You can be ambitious.

Allen: What Serim always says before going on stage is to just have fun. He always reminds us to enjoy every moment and enjoy the time with his fans. I personally feel that it’s really important because sometimes he gets obsessed with the results. I want results, but if you get too hung up on them, you’ll never be happy. He can curb our ambitions.

Jeff Benjamin: This new music is a little more free-flowing and fun and seems like the perfect combination.

Allen: Yes, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the new song.

Jeff Benjamin: Looking at your label, Starship Entertainment, have you kept in close contact with the senior group, or have you learned anything new going from the senior group to the junior group?

Taeyeon: We have a lot of great seniors in the world, so we have a lot to learn from them, and we are very proud of them. Therefore, I am learning a lot from my juniors.

Allen: Just like the teachers who have taught me since I was a trainee also taught me about MONSTA X and Cosmic Girls since I was a trainee. So sometimes, especially as a vocal coach, she would tell us stories. Like how they did during the evaluation and how hard it was for them at the time. Also, I don’t want to say simply how we have it, but how hard it was for them at the time. I have to do my best too.” Seeing where they are now shows just how widely known and accepted Monsta X is in America.

Jeff Benjamin: Is there anything you would like your international fans to know right now?

Jungmo: Recently, there are many projects, tours, and comebacks, and it’s always exciting and fun. I always keep a positive attitude.

Wonjin: We really want a lot of stages in America.

Taeyeon: I really want to say thank you to all the fans. These are more than just words. Thank you, as we really mean it. They have never met us in person, but they love us from afar. So that we can meet you all, please continue to love us.

Allen: So we can “boogie” together.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffbenjamin/2022/09/29/cravity-share-how-they-want-to-break-musical–k-pop-industry-standards-with-new-wave-ep/ CRAVITY Shares How They Want To Break Musical And K-Pop Industry Standards With ‘New Wave’ EP

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