Country music icon Reba McEntire finds her happy place to embrace her dark side in ‘Big Sky: Deadly Trails’

Reba McIntyre may have some giant worm-like creatures to thank for her latest TV role.

“There was a movie that Reba called tremor“It always stuck with me. I loved her in that movie. She [was] This down-to-earth ranch woman is shooting guns and killing monsters. I was thinking, “Why isn’t she in more movies?” So when I was trying to come up with these characters, her name was always on my mind.

This is from showrunner and executive producer Elwood Reed. Big Sky: Deadly Trail.

In the latest season of the series, Reed cast McEntire as a multi-dimensional and very layered woman, according to country music icons.

“That’s what drew me to the whole thing. [that], she is an interesting person. She is very protective and loving. She works hard to keep it all together. It’s unlike anything I’ve played before and I love the depth of it. I like her more than 3D. She is very friendly and can be very dark. she’s a lot of fun I absolutely enjoy it.

in the third season of big skyPrivate investigator Kathy Dowell (Kylie Bunbury) and Sheriff’s Deputy Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick) team up with newly appointed Sheriff Bo Arlen (Jensen Ackles) to bring order to Helena, Montana. maintain. But when a local backcountry trip, led by the charismatically dressed Sunny Burns (McIntyre) goes awry, the trio face their most formidable mystery yet.

Reid admits he was shivering in his boots, even thinking about approaching McEntire for the role.

“Having Reba has always been my dream [on the show]I wrote the part for her, so when I tried to convince her to be on the show, I was really nervous. I can’t take Leva, I can’t even talk to Leva. does not obtain

When Reid finally musters up the courage to meet McIntyre, he slowly approaches and says he found help from an unexpected ally.

“We didn’t say anything about the role. So we talked and chatted for a few minutes and then slowly said, ‘What if you do something bad and you do something not so good?’ Are you ready?” Then I heard a voice say “Yes!” in the background. And then this big guy comes out and it’s her boyfriend Rex. He says, “This is what she has to do.” i was sweating This really owes Rex.

But even with Sunny’s darker side, McEntire says there are some similarities between her and her character. So what Sunny does – she goes to great depths to protect and keep her family together. [about] their past. I am learning about it each episode. “

For those wanting McEntire to break into a song on the show, Reid begins the story. [the character] He, who plays her son, was able to trick her into singing for the crew by pretending not to know the lyrics of the song they were playing on the show. Also, when we’re talking about music, hopefully at her CMAs this year, the country music star will make an appearance and make a cameo on the show. “

Although she’s currently in a primetime series, McEntire said she still has plenty of appearances on her schedule, explaining: Now we are preparing to go on tour. So like I said we combine the two jobs but we love it.I am so happy and grateful to be able to work after taking 2 years off due to COVID . I’m really happy. “

McEntire felt acting became easier, stating: And then I hummed something, tried to associate it, and switched to the next word at the first letter of that word. “

She revealed that she found that pure repetition was a way for her lines to be remembered. “I had to train myself, just like singing and memorizing songs,” she said. I think part.”

Elwood spoke out against McEntire, stating: When she comes on set, she knows everyone’s lines. She’s the perfect word, the perfect word.

McEntire adds of her on-screen technique, “Acting is just amateur, just trying to get attention.”

Overall, McEntire was thrilled with the whole experience and said: Entertain yourself. It’s wonderful and exciting. “

“Big Sky: Deadly Trails” airs Wednesday at 10e/p on ABC and can be streamed on Hulu the next day.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/anneeaston/2022/09/21/country-music-icon-reba-mcentire-finds-her-happy-place-embracing-her-dark-side-on-big-sky-deadly-trails/ Country music icon Reba McEntire finds her happy place to embrace her dark side in ‘Big Sky: Deadly Trails’

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