Could Will Smith’s ‘Emancipation’ be this year’s ‘Million Dollar Baby’ or ‘Last Samurai’?

In a surprise move similar to Netflix
the debut of The Cloverfield Paradox (In the meantime, they dropped the trailer on Super Bowl Sunday and released the movie as soon as the game ended), Apple
TV+ has provided the first trailers for Antoine Fuqua and William N. Collage releaseWill Smith plays Peter (Smith), a runaway slave who joins the Union Army in this visually engaging action drama.The photograph of his naked back, filled with horrific scars from fatal flogging at the hands of slaveholders, was a historic touchtone to convince people that slavery was so bad. still have to teach (more so for adults than children) But I digress. Apple has announced that the film will hit theaters on his December 2nd and debut on his Apple TV on December 9th.

Apple is looking out the window during awards season in terms of both theatrical releases (Thanksgiving weekend and Avatar: Path of Water December 16) and a solid Oscar frontrunner.For a long time I thought Tom Cruise’s great success was last samurai ($111 million domestically and $454 million worldwide in December 2003) shows that blockbuster movies can open in the usually unoccupied post-Thanksgiving weekend slots. This decidedly less commercial (Fuqua isn’t exactly known for suppressing explicit R-rated violence and punishing carnage) star vehicle once again proved me relatively right Apple TV+ doesn’t have a huge subscriber base, so it’s easy to play in theaters and at Apple throughout the holiday season. Plus, going into Thanksgiving weekend without a front-runner, release i want to be this year million dollar baby.

That Clint Eastwood/Hilary Swank boxing drama was one of the last big Oscar movies to debut, and it quickly garnered rave reviews and propelled it to front-runner status. The film earned him $100 million domestically and $216 million worldwide on a $30 million budget, earning him Best Picture, Best Actress and (in the case of Morgan Freeman) Best He won the Best Supporting Actor Award. Admittedly, such last-minute game-changers are the exception to the rule. last samurai, which is a reminder of how much power Warner Bros. can sustain when it has a supportive leadership team. And sure enough, Will Smith probably won’t win an Oscar two years in a row, thanks to slapping Chris Rock during his final telecast and being banned from attending for ten years. The film could still be contested for awards, both for Smith and others involved. It was shown to a decent buzz in DC this weekend.

Again, “Why was Will Smith canceled when this other celebrity is still thriving despite having done worse?!” Online Discourse, Smith unpunished within the industry for his onstage assault and battery.Sony swears it bad boys 4 Since it is under development, bad boys for life Opened for the first time in 17 years Bad Boys IINetflix fast & loose David Leitch Was Put On Hold Before The Oscars After Picking Universal fall guy. Smith is developing Charmeen Obaid Chinoy brilliance As Paramount’s franchise-friendly star vehicle
. and now release Even though the movie doesn’t disappoint as much as it did before March 27, 2022, it’s getting a splashy theatrical/awards season campaign. And probably still make it.

Fuqua typically makes some of the finest R-rated action movies in the PG-13 world.even his PG-13 Magnificent Seven The remake was a genuinely underrated and justifiably angry crowd pleaser. , I’m guessing it was paid in advance). release Still working as entertainment for Nikujaga.After last year, if A) Will Smith pulls Tom Hanks and still wins back-to-back Oscars, and B) Apple also wins Best Picture repeatedly a year after his, I’ll get my ass out. laugh off codaRegardless, I’m sure the Golden Globes will shower the film with nominations just to set it apart from its main competitors. release Opens December 2nd alongside Universal’s R-Rated ‘die hard santa claus in action violent night (this is, Krampus 2015). As always, we’ll see.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2022/10/03/movies-box-office-oscars-emancipation-trailer-will-smith-tom-cruise-clint-eastwood/ Could Will Smith’s ‘Emancipation’ be this year’s ‘Million Dollar Baby’ or ‘Last Samurai’?

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