Coronation Street’s Stu is exposed when Yasmin learns his shocking secret

Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellowes) the secret was revealed this evening Coronation Street (August 5) when his ex-wife Lucy arrived and dropped a powerful bombshell.

Befriending many of Weatherfield’s locals after spending time on the streets, Stu has been living with Yasmin Metcalf (Shelley King) for the past few months. The pair recently started a tentative but sweet romance, but Stu hasn’t been open about his past.

Yasmin recently found an address for Stu’s estranged daughter Bridget, but when he appeared at the house, he was refused. Stu then lied to Yasmin that he couldn’t find Bridget, but a more serious fabrication came back to haunt him.

Stu panicked about his photo being in the front of the paper after an interview about the Speed ​​Daal charity initiative, and when Lucy showed up we soon found out why. She instructed Stu to stay away from Bridget before telling Yasmin, who intervened, that Stu was in prison for murdering a young woman named Charlie Walter.

Stu told Yasmin and her granddaughter Ali Nazir (Sair Khan) that he was innocent, but a vulnerable Yasmin didn’t want to hear any more and told him to leave. I’m still doing it the trauma of violent control she was subjected to by the late Jeff (Ian Bartholomew)Yasmin was devastated by what she heard about Stu.

Lucy revealed a secret to Stu. ITV

But later she decided to find Lucy, she needed to know more. When Yasmin begged Lucy, she eventually gave her information about Stu. She explained that he worked at a restaurant after being in the Navy and then his young co-worker was found dead with his DNA all over her body.

When Yasmin opened up about past miscarriages of justice, Lucy added that Stu had confessed to the murder – and having an affair with Charlie. When she returned to work, Yasmin told Alia that she never wanted to see Stu again, and Alia informed her that Stu had already removed his belongings from the house.

So, with the news that Stu has already pleaded guilty, what’s the point of his protestations of his innocence? The star scholars recently told and other media that Stu’s story could divide fans. He also discussed the effect his secret had on Yasmin.

“She’s very excitable, she gets excited easily,” Fellows explained. “So any lie can be blown out of proportion; though the audience will understand why she blows it out of proportion. [Yasmeen] lived through a terrible, terrible time; and Stu is the complete opposite of that, he wouldn’t do anything like that, but he will tell white lies. Here are the men!”

The actor’s portrayal of his character reflects what we’ve seen of Stu so far – but given what we know now, is everything as it seems?

“I think the audience will be shocked, really surprised… Who are you going to believe? What is happening? I think there is a lot of debate. There will be a lot of debate about what you feel, what you don’t feel,” he added.

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Coronation Street’s Stu is exposed when Yasmin learns his shocking secret

Source link Coronation Street’s Stu is exposed when Yasmin learns his shocking secret

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