Coolio may have died of acute asthma

According to TMZ, Coolio’s close associates believe the severe asthma he suffered from may have contributed to his death. Information was disclosed to detectives that he had been suffering from the condition for many years.

Coolio died on September 28 after being found unresponsive on the bathroom floor of a friend’s house in Los Angeles. he was 59 years old. According to his initial reports, he was in cardiac arrest. However, the actual cause of death has yet to be officially determined.

A study recently published by the American Heart Association found that people with severe asthma are more likely to develop heart rhythm problems. It was seen performing many times in sets lasting 30-40 minutes.

Rapper “Waist Up!” animated in video footage shot during his I Love The 90’s Tour. When fans met Coolio a week or so before he died, they reported that he looked pretty attractive and eager to be photographed. They also said he smiled easily and looked very happy.

Montell Jordan, who was touring with the Fantastic Voyage rapper just days before his death, said in an exclusive interview with Page Six that he didn’t expect his lifelong companion to pass away so soon.

The 53-year-old “This Is How We Do It” singer released this statement on Thursday: “I’ve been with him for weeks and months and I just didn’t understand.” Try to understand the reasoning behind it.” The singer added that he didn’t see anything to give a hint that he was sick or that something had happened to him.

https://celebrityinsider.org/coolio-may-have-died-from-his-acute-asthma-534407/ Coolio may have died of acute asthma

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