Comedian Sunil Pal remembers Raju Srivastava:

comedian Sunil Pal he said he wanted the news Raju SrivastavaHis passing was just a rumor and I kept praying for him to get better. The comedian added, “I can’t accept that Raju Bhai is no more. He was fighting for his health every day. He was a strong man who went through some struggles in his life, but he made us, All he showed the world was his funny side.He made us laugh.

Pal and Srivastava were co-contestants in the 2005 Great Indian Laughter Challenge (season 1), the former also winning. But Pal remembers Srivastava as a mentor. he confides. He was a comedy school that we respected and learned a lot from. In a way, he was one of the pioneers of desi stand-up comedy. He responded with jokes to every situation in his life, both happy and sad. I bet he still jokes about dying from heaven. He wrote jokes and told them to me. He was my senior, but he was always open to feedback, he always asked for it, and we had to be honest.

Pal was in constant contact with the Srivastava family from the day he was admitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New. DelhiThe deceased comedian suffered a heart attack while exercising on Aug. 10. He was immediately admitted to hospital, underwent an angiogram, and was put on a ventilator, where he fought for his life for more than 40 days.

Pal says: I contacted his family and friends to find out how he was doing. He was in my prayers every day and today I cannot believe he is gone. Like everyone else, I wanted a miracle. He’s fought this battle for so long that I still remember his fun. I can hear his laughter in my heart. When he smiled, the world seemed okay.

Pal also shared that Raju was not someone who worked only for himself and believed in giving back to his fraternity in some way. He was an established comedic actor and his humor was so topical that Desi He quickly grew in his stand-up comedy scene. His humor had personality as his jokes were based on domestic and world politics. “

“Raju Bhai was not only a comedian, he had a heart of gold. He treated his juniors with love and encouraged us. He also helped his juniors financially, making sure they were paid on time and well paid.He made a lot of positive changes in comedy circles,” said Pal. added.

“I remember Raju Bhai always laughing. If someone was standing next to him, no matter how sad he was and he didn’t show his face, Raju Bhai knew about it and would crack them down. I will never forget his face with the wide smile on his face.I will only remember him as the happy man who made him happy.Our fraternity will miss him.A new generation of comedians will It’s sad that we won’t be able to see him live. We will miss his jokes.”

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/comedian-sunil-pal-remembers-raju-srivastava-would-help-juniors-get-gigs-helped-financially-too-8163632/ Comedian Sunil Pal remembers Raju Srivastava:

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