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just two weeks later Christine Brown told her companion’s wife that she was leaving cody brownthe whole family gathered to celebrate Isabelle Brown Graduation on the October 9 episode of sister wivesAlthough there were many struggles within the family, everyone was able to enjoy the celebration.However, Cody admits the situation was still on his mind when he tried to be present for his daughter. “I don’t really know what it looks like,” he said. stage of anger It’s a divorce thing, and I’m not coping with it. “

Christine decided to move to Utah after kicking Cody out of the house with their daughter, very, in just a few months. Kody didn’t handle it well. “You can’t get out of this cloud of sadness. It’s because of the nuances of a breakup,” Kodi explained.

cody brown
Cody Brown in “Sister Wives”. (TLC)

In addition to his issues with Christine, Cody was feeling distanced from his other children due to the COVID-19 pandemic (episode filmed in June 2021). “I’m not in a good place with everyone,” admitted Kody. I don’t feel like I’m here, I’m in a funk, it’s like this loneliness combined with bitterness with the whole family.”

Cody Christine Brown
Cody and Christine Brown before their split. (Arlene Richie/Shutterstock)

Kody is happy to see that Ysabel’s graduation party went well, but reminds him that after all, his family will never be the same again. christine leaves“I live in a world of delusions and I hope Christine never leaves,” he revealed. I am suffering from a state of regret and frustration.It is strange to be left behind.I have questioned polygamy and have come to question my faith and religion. The message we were sending out to the world about functional polygamy now seems to be dysfunctional.”

Meanwhile, some of Kodi and Christine’s older children have reacted to their split and admitted they weren’t upset about the breakup. “Of course it’s sad, but sometimes things go wrong. I’m glad my mom found someone who’s really, really, really happy.” Mykelti Brown He continued, “I’m relieved to hear that your mom is breaking up with your dad. They’re not happy. They’re not in love.”

Kodi and Christine go public announced the dissolution November 2021. The situation will continue to be documented. sister wivesairs Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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