Cleveland’s Darius Garland listed as suspicious to Celtics by Cavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers will face the Boston Celtics for a second time early in the new season. This was the last time the two teams faced off, Caris LeVert and Donovan Mitchell had a show at TD Garden as he scored 41 points in overtime for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Celtics head to The Land to seek revenge on this young and dangerous team, the Cavaliers. The big story surrounding tonight’s Eastern Conference matchup is Cavaliers All-Star point his guard Darius Garland. He has missed the last five games with his eye injury.

Darius Garland is averaging 27 points per game and is having a breakout year with teammate Jarrett Allen on his first All-Star gaming machine. In the second quarter of the Cavaliers’ season opener, Darius Garland fell down after being punched in the face by his Raptors player in Toronto.

Garland’s injury

Garland suffered a cut on the inside of his eyelid and has not played since due to swelling. Earlier yesterday afternoon, Garland returned to practice with the Cavaliers and was said to have been upgraded with problems ahead of tonight’s nationally televised game against the Celtics.

Darius Garland will most likely be decided at game time, as Cleveland’s trainer and head coach will see how Darius behaves around the shoot and in pregame warmups. When asked about Garland’s chances of playing, Cavaliers coach JB Bickerstaff said: “He’s been through it all. It’s how he’ll feel tomorrow and what the swelling will look like. doing things.” As reported by cleveland.comDarius Garland is a very tough player who has played through injuries before. We’ll see what his status looks like in tonight’s game as information gets closer.

The Cavaliers are on a five-game winning streak after dropping the first game to the Raptors, so they have a slightly tougher schedule ahead of them wanting Darius Garland on the court. Donovan Mitchell and his company have held the Forts down with some great team wins, and it’s scary to see what this team has already accomplished without an All-Star point guard.

A tough game awaits for the Cavaliers

With teams like the Clippers, Warriors and Timberwolves coming up, it would be ideal for the Cavaliers to get Garland back as soon as possible. If all goes according to plan, Darius Garland will be back with the Cavaliers tonight as the Celtics come to The Land for Wednesday night basketball.

https://www.hollywoodnewsdaily.com/clevelands-darius-garland-listed-as-questionable-for-celtics-at-cavs Cleveland’s Darius Garland listed as suspicious to Celtics by Cavs

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