Christopher Priest’s “Xer0” franchise with 50 cents for DC

50 Cent’s G-Unit Film & Television has DC options Xer0 for a potential film franchise.

Xer0 was created by Christopher Priest and Chris Cross in 1997, and Deadline, which will summarize the upcoming DC film from 50 Cent, will be an adventure to travel the world with Black Assassin. Train Walker, who works for the government and uses invisibility to merge as a white man to destroy his targets.

50 Cent will produce Xer0 a film under his banner, G-Unit Film & Television, with Color Farm Media. Here’s what 50 Cent said about working with Christopher Priest on the future Xer0 adaptation:

“There is no one better than Christopher Priest to bring G-Unit Film & Television into the world of comic book superheroes. See how we build Xer0 in the franchise along with Christopher and Color Farm Media. I can’t wait for the world to meet Train Walker in a new way. “

Xer0 will also feature creator Christopher Priest, who described the project as follows:

«Xer0 reflects the slow crash of a car at the intersection of race and class. The common struggle, represented by the life experiences of Curtis ‘50 Cent ’Jackson, G-Unit Film & Television and Color Farm, provides a wide depth of first-hand gratitude for this delicate balance. It’s fun to work together to create this new world. “

In addition to 50 Cent and Christopher Priest, Xer0 will also include Color Farm Media involvement. Erica Alexander of Color Farm said:

“The priest is a master narrator. Xer0 – this is a powerful project, and we are happy to work with G-Unit Film & Television Curtis ’50 Cent ‘Jackson’s G-Unit Film & Television, outstanding powerful players.

Another production partner Xer0 Joseph Elijah, CEO of Illuminous Publishing and Production. Elijah also explained why Xer0 guarantees a live action movie:

“Xer0 is the perfect action hero for our time in a story in which equal parts are James Bond and James Baldwin. The legacy of G-Unit’s brave thrillers about challenging heroes makes them the perfect partner to lead this franchise. After working with Christopher on Batman years ago I am very glad to have met him again Xer0.

Here’s the full premise for 50 Cent’s Xer0:

Based on the DC Comics series by Priest and Chris Cross, the film tells the story of a black government assassin who uses invisibility by disguising himself as a white man to anonymously join the exotic havens of the international elite of Casino Royale. Train Walker is a man who lives in two worlds but owns neither. Xer0 tells the story of his moral awakening and the dangers of life and death he represents ”.

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Source: Deadline

Christopher Priest’s “Xer0” franchise with 50 cents for DC

Source link Christopher Priest’s “Xer0” franchise with 50 cents for DC

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