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cody brown When Christine Brown sat down for another conversation on the October 16 episode of sister wivesThis time they told their youngest daughter, true brownabout their split Christine’s decision to move from Arizona to Utah. “She wants Truly to talk with Cody because she still wants to see us as a team,” Christine explained. She said, “She had a friend whose parents were divorced and she was so ugly and had a lot of fights that she didn’t want her to think that way.”

Even though Christine’s much-needed September move-in month was nearing, Kody wasn’t ready to tell Truly the bad news. “In an idealistic, naive way, I think we can still reconcile,” he admitted. I don’t know, but I’m really worried about doing something other than delaying this, so I’d like to find a way to make Christine stay here and make it easier and more convenient for me to hang out. Children.”

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Cody Brown and his four wives. (Arlene Richie/Shutterstock)

Christine announces split from Kody Instagram But in November 2021, I had already made up my mind.She explained to Cody that she was already slowly starting to clean up her house, which Cody accused her of being ‘hurried’ in motion“I feel hostility,” he said. “I feel like she did this as a betrayal. She could have started talking about our relationship a long time ago, but she didn’t. She was ready to walk out the door from the moment she told me she wanted to stop staying.”

However, Christine claimed that the situation was actually the other way around. Frankly, had I told Truly months ago, I would have moved out this summer.” “I want to play well, I want to play fair, because we need to move forward as a team,” she explained.

Unfortunately, shortly after the conversation, Truly overheard a phone conversation between Christine and her daughter. Mykelti, where the topic of moving came up. At that point, Christine had no choice but to explain the situation to Truly. Her little face was so heartbroken,” Christine recalls. “She would say, ‘Are you and Dad going to get a divorce?’ I could say, ‘Yeah, we’re going to get a divorce.’ I was worried and wondering…we’ll get back together.yes [I told her] we are already divorced. “

Meanwhile, in a confession, Kodi accused Christine of converting their children against him “I want relationships with my children, especially those who are young and vulnerable,” he said. “It’s kind of like following a story. She says, ‘Well, dad isn’t here anyway,’ and sets Truely.” She’s really on her way. Christine needs an excuse to leave and it feels like she’s been setting things up for so long to justify this to her children.

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