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Christina Hurk caused a big problem in psychology today Article referring to custody battle with ex-husband Ant Anstead. The 39-year-old reality star wrote a lengthy response to her work Instagramcalling for more protection for children on social media and reality TV, she also called out the former 43-year-old for sharing the article. I just noticed that there was a lot of applause,” she wrote. caption“This makes this all the more bizarre and unsettling.”

Christina’s lengthy response to the “Psychology Today” article. (Instagram/Christina Hark)

When Ant shared the article, he praised the journalist Dr. Hilary Levy Friedman For highlighting issues, including his custody battle for car lovers The host used his son to take him with his ex-wife Hudson, 3, in paid advertising, he championed the idea of ​​”Hudson’s Law” to help protect children on social media and reality TV. “What a wonderful article. [Hilary Levey Friedman] I call for urgent changes in the law to protect our children,” he wrote in his letter. Instagram Talk.

Christina closed the idea of ​​”Hudson’s Law”. (Instagram/Christina Hark)

Ant, a sociologist and author, supported his ideas, but Christina was very upset, calling the article “totally inaccurate.” She claimed she was not trying to argue that she and Ant’s son should be included in her TV show or paid advertising. If you’re concerned about Hudson’s safety and well-being, the celebrity with a public Instagram should follow his own advice and keep Hudson out of all media. I insisted,” she wrote.

Christina and Ant were married from 2018 to 2021. (MEGA)

Aside from disputing the article’s claims, Christina also pointed out other reality shows such as toddler and tiara The same is true for influencers who include children in paid promotional posts. “Are all these people harming their children? [sic] How or use a child as a doll?! The answer is no,” she replied, also noting that most of her shows focus on improving homes rather than her children.

Christina eventually applauded the idea of ​​”Hudson’s Law” and said it was nonsensical. knows nothing about my family.Hudson is my son.I have always protected him and will continue to do so,” she wrote in an earlier caption.

Christina’s reaction to her ex-husband sharing the article. (Instagram/Christina Hark)

Former couple involved in affair Custody dispute About their son since April of Ali apply for full custodyChristina responded to allegations from her ex “exploit” his son in a September court filing.She said Hudson appeared in some of her ads, which she said were “organic moments in Hudson’s eyes,” but that she had no problem quitting. announced that it did No longer features Hudson In October Instagram Position. “I have decided not to feature Hudson on Instagram, my TV show, or social platforms until Hudson is old enough to make this decision for himself,” she wrote.

https://hollywoodlife.com/2022/10/26/christina-haack-ant-anstead-article-custody/ Christina Hurk slams Ant Anstead for sharing article about custody war – Hollywood Life

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